How To Create An Amazing Animated Logo Using Placeit

How To Create An Amazing Animated Logo Using Placeit

Having a distinct and striking logo is already an excellent way to create a memorable image for your brand or store. With marketing and entertainment moving firmly into the internet sphere, there has become an exciting and new way to display your logo. Animated logos stand out from the pack by taking advantage of the screens in front of or faces.

Creating an animated logo is quick and straightforward with the Placeit platform. You can easily design and animate your brand in minutes using their intuitive and straightforward tools that are all dropdown and color menus. The power of a professional graphic designer is at your fingertips and costs only a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in creating an amazing animated logo using Placeit, just keep reading.

Check Compatibility for Your Upload

Throughout the process of creating your animated logo, it’s helpful to keep in mind that the full animated logo will be (1920x1080px) and high definition quality.

Before you begin designing on Placeit, ask yourself why you need an animated logo. Is it for Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, or your own personal site? Having in mind what your logo will be designed for will allow you to pinpoint how you can use it and where the animation can be uploaded and played.

Youtube, Instagram, and other sites do not allow personal animated images as their thumbnails or profile pictures, whereas Reddit does allow such things. Should you be creating this to be posted on multiple places, it may not have the staying power in a single post when compared to placing the animation at the beginning or end of videos.

Regardless of your reasoning and platform, it is essential to keep in mind compatibility with the site and service. If a site does not support your animated logo, there is no need to fear, as Placeit will also provide a static image of the same icon.

Log Into Placeit And Choose Your Template

To download and create your animated logo, you must first create or login into your Placeit account. Creating an account does not charge you and will allow you to fully design your logo and view it before choosing to download it, at which time you will be prompted for a subscription.

Placeit offers a large selection of free art and animation tools that can be used without a subscription too.

When creating an account, you will be required to input an email for verification and not add a payment option without the verification being finished. You do not need to verify your account if using the free options available on the site.

Choose The Animated Logo Option

On the Placeit website, you will find several options to design different nifty graphics and videos. Under the logos dropdown menu, you will see the “animated logos” option. Choosing this or clicking the link provided will bring you to a screen with several premade templates.

Decide on A Template

You will be given several pages of premade logos on the templates screen that all feature different designs, animations, and color palettes. These features can be changed later but choosing one that closely fits your want will help you generate your logo in the next step.

Hovering your mouse over the templates without clicking will allow you to view their animation and choose one that best suits you. There are dozens of options, and this screen is meant to be a rough guide. If you don’t like an image but love an animation style or vice versa, you can edit either option in the editor.

Editing Your Logo

After selecting a template, the site will bring you to the logo editing tool. Here is where you can change and perfect your design. The devices are somewhat limited compared to professional tools but are incredibly intuitive and are not nearly as intimidating for those without a digital design degree.

How the Tool Works

When you are on the editing screen, you will generate a preview window if you change anything if one has not been pulled up already. This preview screen over your animation is to save on processing and speed up editing. Your logo preview will not display as animated until you click the “Update Slide” option inside the preview box.

When you are happy with your logo, click the “Play All” option, most likely not have additional slides unless you merge two symbols into a single video. The tool will then present to you your final animation.

Left Side, Text

Starting at the left of the tool, you are given your text options. By simply typing in the boxes, it will update your text, removing the template words. Some templates have more than one line for text. This differentiation will be annotated simply by having additional lines in the tool.

Each line of text can have the color and font style changed. You will want to choose a color that stands out from your background image and fonts that flow well. Choosing vastly contrasting fonts on different lines can make the image look muddy and too bust to be striking.

Right Side, Image Options

The editor’s right side is where you can select your logo’s images, color pallet, and even audio track. All of the art provided is 100% royalty-free so long as you created the logo under a valid subscription. That means you can utilize their massive catalog of premade professional images and change their properties to suit your needs.

  • The audio options are provided at the top of the right side, also royalty-free for your uses. The library of available tracks is very extensive, and the tool will automatically crop the clip to fit your animation’s length.
  • Beneath the audio interface is the color options available. While your template will already come with a design of several colors, you can edit them here. There is a bevy of preselected custom colors, or you can add your own by clicking the “More” button. You can view the colors you have used in the past by clicking ‘Show Recently Used.’ Then, the most recent colors will be made into circles on the selectors.
  • Finally, the image gallery is at the bottom of the right tool. Whatever template you chose will already have a subcategory selected, and in this box, you will be given several icons from which to choose. If you want a specific style, the search function allows you to type in a keyword and find related art. There are thousands of images, so nearly any niche is covered. 

Time to Download

That is it. After selecting your various options and hitting that blue button, your animation will process and be ready for your use. Before downloading, the site will show you the final product with a watermark of Placeit in the corner, which is removed upon download.

Purchase options are a bit one-sided on Placeit, with the subscription option being the far superior choice. Should you choose to go with the one time option, your animated logo will cost $9.95. While excellent, compared to the price of a custom job, the single price is vastly overshadowed by getting a subscription for only $5 more (or only $2 more with this 15% off Placeit coupon).

Just using one month allows you to create an unlimited number of logos and other designs. You can always unsubscribe, and everything you make is yours forever. Placeit truly is a revolutionary tool and can be useful in several ways for content creators, marketing teams, bloggers, and so much more.