How To Crop In Canva

Whatever the reason, Canva makes it simple to crop your photographs without requiring you to follow a lenghty process. It’s easy to crop your image to the ideal size, whether you’re doing it for a new Facebook profile picture, a poster for your YouTube channel, or a corporate logo for your webpage.

Select Crop from the toolbar above the editor. Additionally, you may double-click an element to display the crop handles. To change which portion of the element is shown, hold and drag the relevant crop handle. The element’s size can also be changed inside the crop area. To complete the process, click outside the element or Done in the toolbar.

Let’s dive into more detail about how to crop in Canva.

How To Crop Pictures In Canva

A picture is among the most frequent items you’ll have to crop. The fundamental picture editing tool is cropping. This is true whether you’re using a stock photo or one you took yourself and uploaded. 

It’s common only to desire a specific area of the picture or to zoom in on a particular aspect. But that’s not an issue because Canva makes cropping photos quite easy.

If you’d like more detailed instructions on how to crop in Canva, watch this video:


  1. Build a canvas first, then add the image from either uploads or the Photos menu item.
  2. In the top menu, select the “Crop” tool. You may also use the crop tool by clicking the image twice.
  3. Now you may change the form or size of the picture box using the little white L-shaped lines in the corners.
  4. The photo box’s size may be proportionately reduced by dragging on the L in a diagonal direction, and its form or aspect ratio can be changed by moving it up or down.
  5. You’ll realize that the original image’s white spots in the corners have been cropped off once you’ve lowered the box size. 
  6. Drawing a circle diagonally will resize the image inside the crop box you just made. In order to prevent distortion, it will appropriately shrink or increase.
  7. Then, click and hold the image while dragging it to the precise cropping you like.
  8. Using the L corners, you may keep adjusting the crop box’s dimensions and form until you’re satisfied. You may save any changes by clicking “Done.”
  9. Use a frame or grid option if you only want a photo to fill an area. A picture may be easily carved into a shape using frames.

How To Crop Elements In Canva

The basic crop may be applied to objects like drawings, like how it is applied to images:

  1. You may choose to specify a certain area of the image by double-clicking the element or by utilizing the Crop option.
  2. The remainder of the image will disappear when you click Done.
  3. The picture section may then be moved around or resized using the white dots.

Final Words

Navigating Canva’s functionalities may be confusing for a newbie. This tutorial demonstrates how you can crop photos or elements in Canva easily. We hope that these instructions will prove useful to you.