How to Crop in Clip Studio Paint

It’s simple to crop a photo while using a photo editing program. However, it might not be as evident how to crop a picture with a program like Clip Studio Paint. You need to approach it somewhat differently. Remember, your artwork isn’t being cropped; your artwork is sketched on a canvas that has been cropped. Cut off the canvas, and your artwork will no longer have a place.

In Clip Studio Paint, you can crop by selecting Rectangle using the Selection Tool. Next, select Edit -> Crop. You may then adjust the canvas’s size to suit your needs. Your image will be automatically cropped if the canvas is cropped.

There are two methods for doing this. Let’s begin.

Cropping in Canva

Below, we’ve listed two common methods of cropping in Canva. 

If you’d like more detailed instructions, watch this video below:

Method 1: The Selection Method

  1. Select the rectangle option under Selection Tool.
  2. The selection tool is located on the toolset that usually lines the left side of the screen. This is the one that resembles a square-shaped dashed line.
  3. Next, select Edit -> Crop.

By doing so, your canvas will be cropped to the selected rectangular region.

What if, though, you wish to widen your canvas? How can you make your picture bigger if it’s larger than you anticipated and you need additional space to prevent someone’s hand or foot from getting clipped off at the edges? 

There is an alternative approach to that. It also works when you’re attempting to compress the canvas, but it appears more twisted than it actually is.

Method 2: Changing Canvas Size

Sadly, it is not as simple as just drawing a rectangle across the area of the canvas that you wish to maintain. It must be accomplished using numbers. It will need some risk-taking and several adjustments, but it is doable.

  1. To change the canvas size, choose Edit.
  2. Then a window will appear.
  3. The most crucial element of this window is the “Reference Point” Tic Tac Toe board since it determines how Clip Studio Paint will subtract from or add to a canvas depending on the new values you enter in the Width and Height sections.
  4. If you decrease the value in the width field, the left and right sides of the picture will each lose half of the differential.
  5. Half of the differential will be taken off the top and half out from bottom if you reduce the height field value.
  6. Adjust the reference point to the edge of the tic tac toe board opposite if you wish for the differential in numbers to be calculated from only one side of the picture.
  7. Therefore, you must select the reference point on the right if you wish to subtract 100 pixels from the width on that left. When you do so, your picture will be anchored to the right, and the pixels on the side opposing the anchor will be removed.


This guide demonstrates 2 widely used methods for cropping photos in Clip Studio Paint. To determine which one suits you the best, some trial and error is advised. You can easily crop in Clip Studio Paint by following the steps.