How To Crop In Indesign

Adobe InDesign is a versatile typesetting and publication program that can be used to create any form of document, including a vector image for a booklet, pamphlet, journal, or another graphic design project. InDesign allows you to produce pictures and work independently or in tandem with other Adobe tools to complete documents that you can print or distribute digitally.

In InDesign, there are various ways to crop a picture. You can reduce the size of a bigger image’s margins to meet a particular resolution or remove a specific topic from a broader frame containing several different subjects. Whatever your need, InDesign provides a few different ways for you to crop photos.

In the next section, let’s look at the instructions to crop in InDesign.

Cropping In InDesign

In InDesign, there are several techniques to crop photos. We’ll talk about the top two here.

Additionally, if you’d like more detailed instructions on cropping in InDesign, watch this video below:

The Selection Tool Method

  1. First, select the Selection tool from the Tools menu. This tool allows you to choose the border of your image. 
  2. After dragging and choosing a frame, you may move the frame to alter the image. 
  3. Drag any of the eight handles, represented by the little squares that run down the frame’s sides, top, bottom, and corners, to perform this.
  4. You may crop your image into whatever form you choose by sliding these knobs. Drag the frame’s bottom-center handle upward, for instance, to remove the bottom portion of the frame. Drag the handle in the corner of the two sides you wish to modify at once to crop them.
  5. After you’ve cropped your frame, you could actually reposition the picture inside of it. 
  6. Choose the Direct Selection tool from the Tools menu to accomplish this. 
  7. Your cursor will now change into a hand symbol. Whether you need to center your image, shift it to the right or left, or make any similar adjustment, you can use this to move it about so that it fits nicely within the frame. Using the Direct Selection tool, just click and drag the picture as necessary.

The Scissors Tool InDesign Shortcut

Utilizing the InDesign shortcut for the Scissors Tool is another way to crop a picture. Here’s how: 

  1. To begin, set the frame for your picture using the Selection tool.
  2. Go back and choose the Scissors tool from the toolbar after you’ve completed your frame. 
  3. To cut out the portion of the picture you want to crop, click a spot on the picture you want to trim and then click another spot across a line.
  4. Return to the Tools menu and pick the Selection tool once more after selecting the line’s selection points and the entire part you wish to remove. 
  5. Now, choose the area you would like to crop and drag it away from the remainder of the image using the Selection tool. 

You can more precisely clip particular areas from any image using this Scissors tool shortcut in InDesign.

Final Words

Navigating InDesign does not always come naturally to everyone. Use the steps in this tutorial if you’re having problems finding out how to crop in InDesign. We hope that this lesson will assist you in performing some of your own edits.