How to Crop in Krita

Apart from the crop tool, Krita also has painting software capabilities, including brush size selection, brush engine, mesh gradient, drop shadow, blend mode, color tool, and much more. It is typically utilized for digital art and 2D animations.

In Krita, cropping is a straightforward process. Simply load the software, input the image, and select the crop tool. Dragging the tool over the image you want to crop out is the final step of the process.

Let’s discuss cropping in Krita in greater depth.

Cropping in Krita

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process of cropping a picture in Krita.

If you’d like more detailed visual instructions, check out this video below:

Install the Program

All you need to do is download Krita if it isn’t already on your PC. The entire procedure is easy to understand and uncomplicated. The application may be downloaded and run quickly (it should take a couple of minutes or so).

  1. There ought to be a shortcut to the software on your desktop once you’ve installed it. In addition, you can just type “Krita” into the Windows search box and click it.
  2. You will arrive at the home page after the software has finished loading (this takes some time).

Import Image

With Krita, you have two options for opening the picture you want to edit: you may open it directly (this works after installing the application), or you might choose to import the picture after the program runs.

After the software has already begun to run, let’s look at how to load a picture into it. The steps you must take are as follows:

  1. On the software window’s upper left side, click “File.”
  2. When you select “File,” a drop-down menu with many options will appear, one of which is “Open File.” When you click on it, a new window will open up where you can find and choose the picture you wish to edit.
  3. The alternative choice is to select the “Open File” link located inside the window.
  4. The picture might easily be added to the application by just dragging it there. In any case, you will have a window with various options for where to import your photographs. All you need to do now is click “Open” after finding the image you want to edit on your hard drive.

Use the crop tool

  1. On the menu bar to the left of the software window, you can find the “Crop Tool.”
  2. The remainder of the procedure is easy and comparable to most other applications once you click on the “Crop Tool.”
  3. Simply click the “Crop Tool”, move the mouse to the picture you want to edit, hold down the left-click key, and drag the tool across the image as desired.
  4. Press enter to have the Crop Tool remove any portions of the picture that are beyond the specified boundaries after you have the proper measurements and the image has been cropped to your preferences.

Final Words

Krita is an image editing program that makes it really easy to crop images, besides its other functionalities. Learn how to crop photos in Krita by following the short steps in this tutorial.