How To Curve A Line In Illustrator

It’s challenging to achieve your desired curve while drawing a curved line with a pen tool or pencil. Because of this, Adobe Illustrator created features to assist us in obtaining the desired curve.

The Curvature Tool may create several curves, lines, and forms, and the Anchor Point Tool can adjust pen tool trajectories. And the Direct Selection Tool may be the greatest tool for creating curved corners.

Using these tools, let’s look at how to create curved lines in Illustrator.

How To Make A Curved Line In Illustrator

In Illustrator, you can create curved lines in a variety of ways. To find out how, stick to the guidelines below.

Check out the video below for more thorough instructions on how to curve a line in Illustrator:

Anchor Point Tool

In conjunction with the Pen Tool, the Anchor Point Tool performs excellently. The anchor points may be readily changed, or you can just drag the path to create curves.

Step 1: Select The Tool

First, select the Anchor Point Tool (Shift + C), which is tucked away under the Pen Tool’s tool menu.

Step 2: Drag

To make the curve, click and drag on a route. We might click and drag to the left, for instance. To modify the curve, manipulate the handles or anchor points.

Curvature Tool

The Pen Tool is the standard tool for drawing lines, but Illustrator also offers the Curvature Tool, a pen tool that is dedicated solely to creating curved lines. It is available in your toolbox, which is on the left side of your screen.

Step 1: Select The Tool

First, choose the Curvature Tool. As an alternate option, you can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + to go there.

Step 2: Drag

Drag the cursor to any point on the route or line where you wish a curve to appear. You may create several curves by adding anchor points to the lines as you click.

Step 3: Close The Tool

Close the route by either using the Escape key or selecting the first anchor point.

The Curvation Tool lacks direction handles, unlike the Anchor Point Tool. But by navigating the little anchor point circles, you can adjust the curvature.

Direct Selection Tool

This tool cannot draw a straight line with two anchor points. The direct selection tool may be used to round a corner or alter the curvature of a curved line.

Step 1: Select The Tool

Click on the anchor point just on the edge of the rectangle with the Direct Selection Tool selected to reveal a set of little adjustable circles.

Step 2: Drag

Click the circle and move it in the direction of the center.

Step 3: Modify (Optional)

You’ll notice the direction handles as the curve takes shape. If necessary, modify the curve by moving the direction handles.


There are always workarounds, and in this case, there are three. As previously stated, the Direct Selection Tool is the fastest technique to bend a corner. However, you have a greater ability to adjust the curves with the other two tools.