How To Curve An Image In Photoshop Elements

To add an impact to your image, you may want to do something unique to the image, such as curving it. This unusual appearance can make it more interesting and eye-catching, especially if it is being used as a flyer or banner. Photoshop Elements allows you to curve any image in two different ways. So what are these ways? Is there a clear curve image option, or do we have to manipulate different tools to achieve this result? 

Although there is no clear “curve image” option, we can curve an image through different methods. The first is using the Warp Tool, a new tool introduced recently in Photoshop Elements. You can use it to manipulate your image into the shape of a curve. The second is by using the Liquify method, where you can distort your image into a curve. 

It is a straightforward process to curve an image in Photoshop Elements; you can use this software to make an unusual yet unique design. We will walk you through the steps to the two methods which you can use to curve your desired image in Photoshop Elements.

Curving An Image In Photoshop Elements: Two Easy Methods

By following the following steps to any of the following two methods, you can easily curve an image in Photoshop Elements.

Liquify The Image

For this method, first, add the image or object to your Photoshop Elements project. Then follow the following steps: 

  1. Click on Filter on the top panel and go to Distort > Liquify.
  2. With the correct layer clicked, it will show you a circular shape cursor. Wherever you click with this shape, it will curve that part of the image.
  3. You can change its settings in its right panel, including its size and pressure.

So using this method, you can distort your image into a curve using the tool after liquifying the image. To understand these steps better, the following video may help: 

The Warp Tool

The Liquify Image method was commonly used before because Photoshop Elements did not have a warp tool that you can use to manipulate your image. The warp tool is a recent addition to the tools of Photoshop Elements and it comes with a lot of benefits. You can follow the following steps to use it correctly:

  1. To begin with, add the image you want to curve to your project. 
  2. Click on Image in the top panel and go to Transform > Warp. Alternatively, you can also press CTRL + t to activate the Warp Tool. 
  3. Now you can use the Warp tool and drag the image within the grid to curve it as you want. 


Our guide explained all the steps you need to use the tools of Photoshop Element to curve an image for any purpose. There are two methods, where the Warp Tool is the new and easier way to manipulate an image. However, we can conclude that both methods can successfully curate an image.