How To Curve Text In Canva

Whether your design is appealing to the eyes or not, it may obscure any important text on your layout. In such cases, we use different features provided by the design program to highlight this text. In Canva, we can curve the text using its rich tools engine and make it appear more noticeable. So, what is the process of curving text in Canva? Are there any specific tools for it?

Canva provides a Curve Slider to adjust the curve of any text on your design. To add a curved text or curve any existing text, click on the added text. Go to Effects in the settings panel on top; this will open an Effects panel. Click on the “Curve” option under the “Shape” category. You can now use the Curve Slider to adjust the curve. 

Curving text in Canva is very simple and you only need to follow a few steps. Through this article, you will not only find out how you can curve text in Canva but also how you can make it readable while doing so.

Steps To Curving Text In Canva

If you want to help make the text in your stunning design stand out, you can curve the text easily through Canva. It may be due to your design requirements or just a design technique in general, whatever the reason is, you can curve the text through some simple steps mentioned below. 

If you are a visual learner, you can check this video to learn the steps:

  1. First, place the text on your design if you haven’t already. You can do this by clicking on the Text Tab. You can choose any size of the text you want: Heading, sub-heading, or body text. Alternatively, you can press T to add text.
  2. Next, with the text selected, click on the Effects button in the top panel, this will open up the Effects panel.
  3. Click on the Curve option under the Shapes category. Your text will curve slightly, but you can adjust the curve using the Curve Slider. You can curve the text inwards or outwards depending on the drag.
  4. To make your text more readable, you can adjust the letter spacing. Click on the spacing icon on the top panel, this will show you letter and line spacing sliders. Adjust the letter spacing of your text using the Letter Spacing slider according to what makes your curved text not tricky to read.
  5. You can also use any of the other Effects, including Shadow and Lift to make your text both comprehensible and noticeable.

Once you are done, you can rotate or move your text to where you find it fits in your design. You can also always come back to the curve settings if you are not satisfied with the curved settings of the text.


Through our article, you can conclude that curving text in Canva is actually very simple and straightforward. You can simply use the curve settings to curve your text and make it comprehensible.