How To Curve Text In Clip Studio Paint

Text manipulation in Clip Studio may not be as versatile as you may want if your design requires a lot of text manipulation. However, there is still a way around stuff if you follow the steps a certain way. Curving Text is one of these complicated yet possible text manipulation tasks in Clip Studio Paint, but how can you curve text in Clip Studio Paint? 

Although there is no clear button to curve your text, you can use the Mesh Transformation feature to curve text in Clip Studio Paint. You need first to rasterize the text layer; without this, you can not curve your text. Next, click on Edit on the top panel and go to Transform > Mesh Transformation. It will form several points around your text box which you can manipulate into the curved text as you want. 

It is definitely possible to curve text or manipulate text in the way you want through Clip Studio Paint; you just need to learn its techniques. Through this article, you will learn the technique of curving text using the Mesh Transformation feature in Clip Studio Paint.

Curving Text In Clip Studio Paint

To curve text in Clip Studio Paint, it is important first to prepare the text to be curved. Make sure the text is in black and white, for the purpose of rasterizing the text later on.  It is possible to warp the text into a curve by following a few simple steps as discussed below. 

Before starting, you can also refer to the following video for better clarification of the steps: 

  1. First, we need to rasterize the layer to curve the text. To do this, go to the File Menu and right-click on the Text Layer (make sure that you already have a text layer), and proceed to click on “Rasterize” to rasterize the layer. 
  2. Before doing so, confirm that your text is final and you don’t need to edit it any further as you can not edit the text after rasterizing it. 
  3. Now to curve the text, go to Edit in the top panel and click on Transform > Mesh Transformation. This will create a box around your text with several points distributed evenly around the text box. You can use these points to warp your text. 
  4. You can edit the points and move them around as you want. If you want curved text, you can use the points to warp the text into either inward or outwards curved text. Although this can be a tricky task, you also get full control over how you want to curve the text.


Through this article, we found out that although there is no direct way of curving text or any curve text option, you can manipulate the mesh transformation function to warp your text box into a curve as you want. 

Have a good time editing and be sure to learn new things!