How To Curve Text In Picmonkey

You will find typography art everywhere in modern times, from social media marketing posts to banners. It helps make the design look more appealing and easy to read for the target audience, and one of its features is curved fancy text. Through Picmonkey, we can easily curve any text we want and make our work more appealing. So what is the process of curving text in Picmonkey?

We can curve any text in Picmonkey through its direct Curved Text feature in the Text Tools menu. To curve the text, we use the Curvature slider and drag it around the right or left depending on whether we want an inward curve text or an outward curve text. We can make it curve enough for the shape of an arc, or we can curve it to a full 360° text. 

You only need to follow a few simple steps to curve any text in Picmonkey. We will guide you to learn how to curve any text the way you want in Picmonkey, whether in an arc or fully circular text. 

Curving Text In Picmonkey

Curving Text in our designs can not only make them look more appealing but also helps distinguish any important text that we want to catch the eyes of the target audience. We can do this by using the Curve function in Picmonkey, which is actually really easy and an almost instantaneous process. You just need to follow the following steps:

  1. To start, open your project, where you need to insert the curved text. Add the text layer which you want to curve by clicking on the Text Tab on the left toolbar and “Add Text”, or click on an existing one.
  2. Click on the “Curved Text” option on the left toolbar from the Text Tools menu while selecting your text.
  3. You will find three options: None, Circle, and Arc. Choose the one that you want for your text, which in this case is the Arc. 
  4. Use the Curvature Slider to adjust the curve shape; you can slide it right or to the left for a convex curve or a concave curve.
  5. To create a circular text, click on the circle from the drop-down menu and adjust by resizing it until it fits your desired place.
  6. After you have made the curved text, you can customize it as you want. Picmonkey lets you add a 3D effect to it by combining two curve texts and using the Add Shadows feature. You can also add an outline or knockout to the center of the text.

The following video can clarify any confusion in following the steps mentioned above:


Through this article, we can come to the conclusion that Picmonkey might be one of the easiest software for curving text in any way we want. It is a simple, straightforward process with extra options to edit our curved text and make the design more comprehensible and appealing.