How to Customize Your Logo on Alibaba?

Many first-time business owners are often overwhelmed when it comes to creating a product and, more so, the respective logos in the effort of your business to stand out. Alibaba is an excellent resource for finding your products and, importantly, adding and customizing your logo onto the product. However, it can still seem confusing and overwhelming for some.

To customize your logo on Alibaba, you must find your product, determine package design, design your logo (or hire a graphic designer), and conversate with the Alibaba manufacturers. But, before doing any of that, not many people are familiar with Alibaba and what they stand for.

As we continue to read throughout this article, we will learn about what Alibaba is, how to customize your logo onto Alibaba, why having a logo is important, and how to create a logo for your logo.

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a Chinese company founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. The company aims to make a person’s business a more effortless experience for them. Alibaba is well-known and utilized worldwide, serving millions of people and suppliers, giving them quick and accessible ways to have an effective business.

Alibaba is very beneficial in many ways, known to men and those who utilized it for the first time or over the years. Continuing to read this article further, we will learn about some of the benefits of using Alibaba.

What Are The Benefits of Using Alibaba?

For first-time business owners within budget or experimenting with knowing their niche, Alibaba is the way. Alibaba presents many benefits in utilizing their company. As we continue further into this article, we will learn about the five benefits of using Alibaba.

The Options of Endless

Alibaba has about everything that you can think of, so the options are endless when it comes to picking and choosing what you want your products to be. From makeup to clothing, someone running a business is not limited to what they can and can’t sell to their audience.

Easily Accessible and to Find

The Alibaba website has many options, but its setup is exceptionally organized. It makes it easy to find what you are looking for because it is divided into many categories and subcategories. This prevents consumers from becoming confused and easily overwhelmed when making their decisions.


Using Alibaba proves to be a cost-effective investment. The products you purchase from Alibaba are inexpensive, selling at low costs for a majority of the products that you may be looking for. This can be attributed to China’s low inflation compared to if they were made and sold in the United States.

Purchase in Bulk

Within the Alibaba website, you can purchase these various products in bulk to sell them for your business. For example, if you want to buy a product, and, for one, it is a low price of $0.40. You can buy two hundred of them plus shipping cost, say around $25. You are only spending $105.

Add Your Spin to Your Product

You can implement your vision for your product. Customize it, add a logo, etc. If you create a logo for your product, it is easy to upload onto the website and the ones shipping the product will have it added how you want it to be. This is a relief for you because it is another one-less thing that you have to do and worry about.

When you are adding a logo, you can customize it however you want and add it, too. Customizing a logo is a fun and easy experience when you know what you want for your business. So, as we continue to read further in this article, we will learn how to customize your logo on Alibaba.

How to Customize Your Logo on Alibaba?

When you’ve decided on the product you want to purchase, you will need to add your customized logo to Alibaba before you buy them. Let’s continue reading to learn more about how to customize your logo on Alibaba.

Find Your Product

You must first find the product you want to purchase on the Alibaba website. When looking for a product, make sure that it is the one you want and is one of the bestselling products on the website.

Determine Your Package Design

Determine your package design. You can use Alibaba’s simple packaging or customize it how you prefer. After you’ve customized or found your package design, ensure that it is chosen before you confirm your product purchase.

Hire a Logo Designer

If you have a logo in mind but are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the process of creating a logo, then hire a graphic designer specializing in designing logos. Freelancing websites can generally find reputable graphics, logos, and designers. When looking for a freelance graphic designer, look at their ratings and reviews.

Design Your Logo

Design your logo if you are able and comfortable with doing so. You can design your logo on websites such as Once you’ve created your logo, you can upload it to the product to see how it looks and determine whether you like it.

Conversate with the Manufacturers

Once you’ve designed your logo and like it, it is time to speak with Alibaba’s manufacturers to ensure your logo’s scalability onto your product. The manufacturers guarantee that your logo is scalable and enhanced in font, colors, and size to ensure your audience can see your logo correctly.

It can look like having a logo is not worth the time and investment, but it is. It is quite beneficial for your business and, among other reasons, as well. We’ll continue reading to learn about why having a logo is important.

Why is Having a Logo Important?

For any business, having a logo is essential. Aside from making you stand out as a company, a logo has other significant benefits. Let’s continue to read further to learn more about the five benefits of having a logo.

Solidifies Your Identity

Your logo solidifies your identity as a business, from the design down to the color scheme and the font. If you have a colorful logo design, then the audience expects your products to be somewhat of a reflection of what your logo is. Your logo will become more memorable and stands out over the competition, which is what you want.

Garners Audience Attention

You are garnering an audience’s attention. There will be a first-time impression that will be left on them. If you notice positive reception to your logo, then there is likely that your products will be well-received as well because your logo reflects what is expected of your products.

Overtime Familiarity with Your Business

There is an overtime familiarity with your business. As your business and audience grow, so will the familiarity with your business logo. If you look at the big brand people are using, they will automatically know what it is if you show them the logos. This is what you’re looking for when having your logo over time.

Seen as the Norm

Having a logo attached to your business is seen as a normal thing to have. When someone is looking for a product to buy, one of the first things they are looking for is the name and the logo that corresponds with it.

Showcase Your Innovativeness

You’ll be making an excellent first impression on your business. The more your logo stands out, the more innovative it will appear and show your audience that your logos are just as creative as your product and will make them interested in what you are selling.

Now that you know the importance of a logo, you have to create one. Creating a logo can be a long, fun, and easy process. Reading further into this article, you will learn various logo creation tips.

How to Create a Logo?

Creating a logo is essential in giving your business identity and an excellent first impression to your audience. For many, coming up with an idea for a logo can seem intimidating. To make a logo for your business, there are various tips that you can go by to create something that you’re proud of. These tips can include:

  • Reflect on what your company is about. What is the message?
  • Brainstorm ideas without thinking about them. Brain dump.
  • Look at inspiration via other company logos.
  • Sketch out a rough draft of your logo. Explore font, colors, etc.
  • Make sure your logo is not too big or too small when it comes to being printed.

Let’s continue reading and learning about five tips for creating a logo.

Tips on Creating a Logo

Having a logo is beneficial for your business, but some can find it difficult in starting to create one. Let’s continue to read more about five tips on creating a logo.

Reflect on the Purpose of Your Company

Reflect on the purpose of your company. Every company and business has a story to tell both in the past and the present and future. Your logo should reflect your story in what you want to achieve and build for your company, allowing yourself a sense of transparency, authenticity, and genuineness. This allows your audience to become a part of your business’s story.

Brain Dump Your Ideas

Brain-dump your ideas. This alleviates pressure from you when brainstorming logo ideas. Write down your thoughts or different words that represent your business, or create quick, mindless sketches that you have in mind. After doing this for however long, you can look at your ideas and typically find a common denominator that you’ve written down.

Look at Inspiration

Every idea is created vicariously through other inspirations of others. Looking at the other logos will help you generate a vision for what you want for your own business. This does not mean copying from that other company directly, but little or big things you notice can be innocently implemented into your logo.

Draw Out Rough Sketches

Draw out rough sketches of your logo. This allows you to experiment with different colors, shapes, fonts, etc. Creating a rough sketch is not definitive, and it enables you to go back if the logo sketch is not how you envisioned it to be. You also allow yourself to walk away from the sketch for a while and come back to see if you still view it the same as you did before.

Consider the Sizing of Your Logo

Your logo for your business will be added to your various products when they are shipping out or being sold in stores. Ensure that your logo is not too big or too small when printed onto your products. It has to be readable and comprehensible for the consumer to see when they have the product in their hands.


Now that you know how to customize your logo on Alibaba, you’ll also be able to do it. Also, you’ve learned a bit more about what Alibaba is and the benefits that come with utilizing it. You’ve also known tips on creating a logo for your product and why having a logo is essential.