How to Cut and Paste in Affinity Photo for iPad

Most people aren’t aware that you can actually use affinity photos on more platforms than just a computer. Depending on the model and version number, you can use affinity photo on pads, most windows-based tablets, and most laptops, no matter the operating system.

How to cut and paste in Affinity Photo on an iPad is a pretty common question, with a simple solution. Following these steps will help you:

  1. Open your image
  2. Click selection persona
  3. Select the element
  4. Switch to photo persona
  5. Select pasteboard > copy
  6. Click where you want to paste and select pasteboard > paste

Now, while other platforms may be a tad different with wording or placement of settings and tools, most of the time, if you follow directions for one platform, you can figure it out in another. However, if you still need help, Affinity has a fantastic customer support team always available to help. 

Cutting And Pasting On An iPad

For any questions you may have about Affinity, it’s common for the Affinity customer support forums to give you exactly the answers you need; however, having some more information or better-explained steps may also come in handy. 

For something such as copy and paste on an iPad, it’s nice to have the steps involved, but it’s helpful to explain the steps and all the toolbar options needed. 

1. Opening The Image

The first step when needing to copy and paste is opening your image. This image should be the one you want to copy from, not the one you want to paste anything on. 

2. Selection Persona

Once your image is open, you need to find the selection persona option, which looks like a lasso on the top of the toolbar. Once you click that, you can use the selection tools that are on the left to select the element you want to copy. 

3. Photo Persona

Once you have selected the element you want to copy, you need to switch to the photo persona. You can find the three dots icon and select pasteboard > copy from there. You will want to hit back to go to the second image before doing anything else after this step. 

4. Pasting

Once the second image is open, go to the three dots icon again and select pasteboard > paste. From there, what you copied should be pasted into your second image as an entirely new layer. 

From there, you can adjust and resize things as needed until everything looks as you want it. When you go to save, if you don’t want multiple layers, you can save your image as a jpeg, and it will save your image as the same layer since jpegs don’t support multiple layers. 

Simple Copy And Paste

A simple toolbar option is something else you can also do if you don’t want to go through several steps or if you have multiple images saved in the cloud or on your device. If you hold down on the canvas with one finger, a toolbar should pop up with options such as:

  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Copy
  • Cut

From this toolbar, you can copy and paste anything from your cloud or the device itself as long as it’s already saved in a file. This is usually quicker than going through a multi-step process, but it is only recommended for those who have been working in Affinity for a while. 

Tips For iPad Use

Using Affinity photo on an iPad is convenient and often easier than using a computer since you can use your fingers instead of a mouse. However, iPads also have their own issues that frustrate some users as well, such as:

  • Delayed or unresponsive touch
  • Accidental touch
  • Dirt or debris causing accidental clicks
  • iPad’s smaller screen

While these are huge issues that can cause problems while working on your project, there are ways to avoid this. You can get a screen protector for your iPad to help keep grease and dirt from affecting your screen. You can also wash your hands before use to remove excess oils. 

Before using your iPad, ensure nothing or no one around you may accidentally cause clicks or touches that can mess up your project. 

Final Thoughts

Affinity Photo is a helpful tool for those in graphic design looking to make their project stand out from all of the others. However, there are so many options; usually, people need help when trying to complete an action. 

Learning how to copy and paste on an iPad is an incredibly common question, and while it is easy, it’s a multi-step process that may take you a while to grasp fully.