How To Delete Anchor Points In Illustrator

When creating a project in Illustrator, anchor points are made every time you draw or insert a new shape. These anchor points can be edited and moved using the numerous tools offered to users by Illustrator. However, sometimes you might create too many anchor points and will need to delete some. So, how can you delete anchor points in Illustrator?

One of the methods of deleting anchor tools in Illustrator is to use the “direct selection tool.” Choose this from the toolbar on your Illustrator screen’s left or use the keyboard shortcut “A” and select the anchor point you wish to remove. Then, you must press the “delete” option on the screen or your keyboard to delete it.

Using the “delete anchor point” tool is another method through which you can delete anchor points. Continue reading to find out more about it!

How to Delete Anchor Points With the Delete Anchor Point Tool

Illustrator offers this vital tool to its users and makes deleting anchor points easier. Follow these steps to learn how to use it:

1. From the toolbar on the left, choose the “selection tool.” Then, select the point on your path from where you wish to remove anchor points.

2. Next, select the “delete anchor point” tool again from the toolbar. Alternatively, you may also use the minus key “-.“

3. Doing so, every anchor point on the chosen path will be visible for you to select from.

4. Start clicking on every anchor point that you want to be deleted.

Having discussed the two methods of deleting anchor points, let’s look at the different types of anchor points. Before we do that, here’s a video explaining how you can delete anchor points:

Types of Anchor Points

Two main types of anchor points can be created in Illustrator. Firstly, the smooth points are ones where the path’s shape depends on the handle’s length. These are primarily at an angle of 180 degrees from each other and are all tangent to the path they are created on.

Corner points are the second type of anchor point. Here, the handles are mostly independent and sometimes non-existent. They do not have a fixed angle between each other, and their length varies.

Keep reading to find out more about how anchor points work! 

How Can Anchor Points be Moved

Knowing how to move anchor points across your Illustrator canvas is essential. Otherwise, you will have to delete many of them. This is because anchor points can be easily moved to create your desired shape or design. Thus, if used properly, there will be a lesser need to delete them.

Among three tools that can be used to move anchor points is the “direct selection tool,” which can turn sharp anchor point ends into curved and rounded corners. 

You can also use the “anchor point tool, ” mainly for moving handles and curving the path. Lastly, the “curvature tool” enables you to create a curved path between two anchor points. 


Anchor points are useful when creating new designs in Illustrator. However, you must use them correctly to prevent you from deleting too many. To remove anchor points, you can use the two methods described above.