How To Delete Artboard In Illustrator

In Illustrator, artboards work to provide the base for your creative work. They are helpful as they allow Illustrator users to work on numerous canvases simultaneously. However, you must also be able to delete artworks that are no longer necessary or useful. So, how does this work in Illustrator?

Deleting an artboard in Illustrator does not delete the work on it. To remove artboards, must simply select the “artboard tool” from the toolbar. Then, select the different artboards you wish to be removed and press the dustbin icon present in the control panel.

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The Method of Deleting an Artboard

Artboards are highly beneficial as they can be customized in their size to be used for different purposes when creating a design on Illustrator. 

Once your project is complete, follow the steps below to delete the artboard:

1. On your Illustrator screen, select “window.”

2. Then, click on “artboards” from the drop-down menu. This will show a further panel.

3. To start the “artboard edit” mode, you must hold the “shift and O” keys together.

4. Next, select the artboard that needs to be deleted. Doing so will show a dashed-lined edit box going around the boundaries of your artboard. On the top left corner of your screen, you will be able to see the name and number of the specific artboard.

5. To delete it, click the “backspace” key on your keyboard.

6. Then, press the dustbin shaped “delete” option in the control panel. Alternatively, you can also select the “delete” option that appears at the bottom of the “artboards” panel.

Here’s a video explaining the above-mentioned method of deleting artboards in Illustrator: 

How to Delete Multiple Artboards At Once

Besides the process mentioned above, you can delete numerous artboards simultaneously using the Marquee tool. For this method, use the following steps:

1. From the toolbar in Illustrator, choose the “Marquee tool.”

2. Then, select the area around an artboard to select it. This will select the artboard without selecting its content.

3. Next, press “delete” from the menu, and the specified artboards will be deleted.

Alternatively, to delete several artboards at once, you can begin by selecting all the layers within the “layers” panel on your screen. 

Then, you must drag and bring them above the artboard. By clicking on the artboard and pressing “delete,” multiple artboard layers will be deleted.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to select the required artboard and find your way through different ones. Hold down the “option” key on Mac and use the four arrows to move between artboards. 

Similarly, use the “alt” key with arrows to navigate between them on Windows software. 

Final Takeaway

Artboards are a crucial part of the creative process in Illustrator and are like stacked pieces of paper to assist you in thinking of more designs by providing a blank canvas. You can delete one or more artboards using the abovementioned methods. As per your convenience, you can choose whether to delete a single artboard at one time or more.