How To Deselect In Krita

Having the ability to select the items you need to work on is just one facet of a workable graphic design program. With that also comes the ability to deselect items as needed. Many of the users for Krita get confused and overwhelmed when it comes to this tool, so how does it work exactly?

To deselect any items on Krita, you can use a simple command which is carried out using a shortcut on your keyboard. You can also choose the undo tool if you have just selected the item. For some users, if you prefer a button, you can also follow a few steps to add the deselect button to the toolbar in Krita where it is always accessible.

Being able to change and configure your Krita toolbar is essential if you are looking to get work done quickly and yet efficiently. In that case, read this article to understand the many ways to get deselection working with this program, so you can achieve much more quickly!

The Steps To Deselect Objects In Krita

While being able to select things is important in a graphic design program, you will notice that it is equally important to be able to deselect when you are done working on an item. 

Not being able to do so can be frustrating, especially because the systems and controls on Krita can be quite different from other types of designing programs. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Use the command Shift + Control + A (on Windows) or Shift + Command + A (on macOS)
  2. Alternatively, you can use the undo tool to deselect if it was your last action. To do this, you can use the command Control + Z (on Windows) or Command + Z (on macOS)

How To Add The Deselect Button To Your Toolbars

It may be frustrating and confusing to use the keyboard shortcut every time you need to deselect something on Krita. To make things easier, especially if you prefer clicking a button, you can also add a button to deselect items into the toolbar in the Krita workspace. 

To do this, you will need to follow the steps listed out below:

  1. Go to the Settings Tab in the main menu on Krita.
  2. From here, navigate to the option ‘Configure Toolbars.’
  3. Next, scroll down on the list that appears until you find the option ‘Deselect.’
  4. Select the option, and then click the right arrow to move the action to the right side of the settings bar.
  5. Apply the changes, and then click ‘OK’ so you can leave the settings.

Once you follow these steps, you will be able to see a specific deselect button in the settings toolbar in Krita. As a result, you will no longer have to use a keyboard shortcut and can choose to deselect at any time by just clicking the button.

Final Thoughts

Overall, being able to deselect objects on Krita can be an important part of the design process. Do you need help with your art or graphic design projects? If so, the tips above can help you to deselect objects in Krita quickly and easily. 

Using keyboard shortcuts and adding a deselect button to your toolbar are simple ways to streamline your workflow and get more done in less time!