How to Do Digital Art on a Laptop Without a Pen

Digital art is exploding online with many artists showing off beautiful and creative masterpieces every minute. The best part is, regardless of your tools, you can join them and make amazing artwork too!

You can use tools you already have like a mouse, a trackpad, your laptop screen, or a phone app to create digital artwork on your laptop without the use of a stylus.

In this article, you’ll see how easy it is to do digital art on a laptop without a pen. Read on to find out how!

Here’s How to Create Digital Art With No Stylus

There are several ways you can create digital art on a laptop using just what you have, without the need to invest in a stylus. In fact, you can do it right now, without needing to buy anything else.

The first thing to do is get yourself comfortable and set up your workspace. You don’t need much; just a mouse, trackpad or tablet will work just fine. Once you’ve got your canvas ready to go, let’s get started!

Alternative Ways to Make Digital Art Without a Stylus

Graphic design online is easy to learn and you can do it from anywhere. You don’t need a fancy pen or stylus. There are many kinds of digital art, and many resources to help you get started that you may even be using right now.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A Mouse: A desktop mouse can be effective in drawing online and is the best option for older laptops that don’t have touch screen capabilities.
  • A Trackpad: This is more accurate than a mouse and can make your artwork match the direction of your fingers as if you were actually drawing.
  • A Touchscreen: A touch screen and finger is a fantastic way to draw without a stylus. You can use your finger to mimic the pen stroke and the screen will recognize your actions.
  • External software: An external app can be used to complete your drawings and then you can transfer your work to your laptop or even view it in real time.

Get creative with what you have .If you don’t have a smart pen or pencil, there are other objects that can be used. For example, use your finger to draw on the screen of your laptop. This gives you more room for creativity and flexibility when you design your graphics.

You Can Use a Mouse

You can use your mouse to draw, and it can be much more accurate than you may think. The scroll wheel on your mouse is great for zooming in and out of images, text, and graphics. You can even use it to pan around a page or image.

A desktop mouse is small enough to fit easily in a backpack or briefcase, so you can take it anywhere. In some cases, a mouse is the preferable item to use over a trackpad because you can have one hand free.

Many people are used to a desktop mouse, so much that it feels second nature to them. This means that when you’re drawing online, you won’t have to learn or get used to how to maneuver and perform actions, you do it with your mouse the same way you do anything else.

Use Your Trackpad

If you don’t have a pen, but want to do digital art on your laptop, this is the next best thing. The trackpad offers a number of useful features that can help you create artwork.

You can use the trackpad to move objects around the screen. It will also zoom in and out when you press down on it with two fingers.

This can emulate the use of a stylus because you can use your finger in much the same way as a stylus would. Just watch the screen to make sure there aren’t any discrepancies and you’ll be drawing before you know it

Use a Tablet

If you’ve got a laptop, chances are it doesn’t have a pen built in. If you want to do some digital art using your laptop, you could use it like a tablet. The vast majority of modern day laptops have touch screens, and this is perfect for the aspiring digital artist.

Tablets are great for this kind of work because they give you much more room than a laptop screen and they don’t need any special equipment like pens or styluses.

You can also detach them from their keyboards when working on the go if necessary—a huge plus if you want to take your drawings off site!

Download an App to Use Your Phone

The first thing you need to do is download a software that will use your phone as a stylus. There are several options which can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android.

Just launch the app, and then put your finger over the area where you want to write or draw. The app you download will automatically recognize your drawing area and start tracking it with the help of your phone’s camera sensor.

Then, all you have to do is write or draw normally—and voila! You now have beautiful digital art created by nothing other than yourself.

Start Creating!

Now that you have your pen and laptop ready, it’s time to start creating! No matter what you choose to draw, you shouldnt be limited by your hardware if you don’t have a stylus. Remember, styluses are a fairly modern trend, and the internet had billions of wonderful pieces of artwork before they became commonplace.

Another way you can make designs without a stylus is to check out an online graphic design software to take care of graphics and design for you. This will save you the trouble of having to do everything yourself.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope we’ve helped you get started on your journey to becoming a digital artist! It may be disheartening to not have a fancy stylus or smart pen, but it certainly isn’t needed to design wonderful graphics and pieces of artwork. With a little bit of creativity and the tools you likely already have at your disposal, you’ll be drawing in no time!