How To Double Space In Indesign

Adobe InDesign is a popular page-layout app that generates anything from books to periodicals and pamphlets. To aid with document customization, InDesign offers a variety of tools and menus that may be used to adjust everything from margins to letter spacing. The word “leading” for line spacing in InDesign comes from the time when strips of lead were used between text lines to add spacing.

Create a new project or open your existing one in InDesign before doubling the available space. Write your content in the box after that, or copy and paste. Open the character panel. Increase the font size by twice the amount of the leading value.

In this helpful article, we’ve provided instructions on how to double space in InDesign, allowing you to style text for improved legibility or certain design requirements.

Double Spacing In Indesign

We’ve created a detailed tutorial on how to double space in InDesign. Follow the directions listed in the section below.

You may view the following video for additional, in-depth instructions on how to double space in InDesign:

Step 1: Load Project

Create a new project or open an existing InDesign project by choosing “File” > “New” > “Document.” In the main Toolbar, choose the Type option (or press the T key). 

To add a new text box to your project, drag it diagonally, or use the Selection tool to choose an existing text frame.

Step 2: Type/Paste The Text

Begin to enter text into the frame by pressing the keyboard keys Ctrl+C (Command+C on a Mac) and Ctrl+V (Command+V), respectively. 

Alternatively, you may select “Paste” from the menu when you right-click on that text frame.

Step 3: Open The Character Panel

Next, hit Ctrl+T (Command+T) to see the Character panel. You’ll find an option that controls line spacing beneath the font style option. 

This icon ought to look like an A with another A below it). “Leading” is the phrase used to describe this space in design.

Step 4: Adjust Leading Value

To generate double-spaced content, you must increase the leading value to be twice as large as the font size. For instance, you would need to alter the leading value to “24 pt” if you used a 12-point font size. 

If you believe that double-spaced text is too severe or excessive, you can adjust the leading value until the right amount of space is created. Specify additional leading values in the Character panel, or push the upward and downward arrows while holding the Alt key to change the value by two points at once.

Step 5: Activate Auto Settings

Lastly, the “Auto” setting may be found at the top of the list if you select the Leading drop-down button. When “Auto” is chosen, InDesign will evaluate the type and choose a leading value depending on the font size and frame. 

Although this tool is useful, we generally advise setting a custom leading value.

Final Words

This article demonstrates how to double space in Adobe InDesign. The instructions outlined in this tutorial are simple and easy to follow. We hope that through these instructions, you can learn to do some editing of your own.

Happy editing!