How To Draw Straight Lines In Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is a great application for beginners looking to brush up on their drawing skills. One downside is that it may be difficult to navigate through, but not to worry. We are here for you.

To draw straight lines, go to the figure tool and select straight lines. Now hold down the shift key and drag your cursor on the canvas as you like—release when you are satisfied with the length.

Please continue reading to learn more about the line tool and how to use it best. 

Locating The Line Tool In Clip Studio Paint

The line tool is not available as one straightforward tool you can select in Clip Studio Paint. It is incorporated in the figures tool, and most beginners may struggle with finding this. 

We have detailed instructions to help you easily locate the line tool. 

  1. In the tools panel on your right, look for the figure tool.
  2. You can also hit the F key to activate this tool. 
  3. This opens as a Sub Tool. Click on Direct. 
  4. The first option here is a straight line. 
  5. Choose this to draw straight lines in your piece. 

Making A Straight Line Using The Line Tool In Clip Studio Paint

Let us put this tool that we just discovered to the test. To make a straight line using the line tool:

  1. Choose the straight-line tool. 
  2. On the canvas, click and hold down the shift key. 
  3. Now drag your cursor to where you want your line to go. 
  4. Release once you are happy with your line. 

How To Change The Width Of The Line In Clip Studio Paint?

You may not like the thickness of the line set by default, or your art may require a different effect. To achieve this, Clip Studio Paint does not have a tool to allow you to change the thickness of a line, but it offers a variety of brush sizes that you can switch up to get the desired effect.

  1. Select the straight-line tool. 
  2. On the properties panel, there is a section for Brush Sizes. 
  3. Explore the options here and choose the one that is the most befitting for your work. 
  4. Try some on the canvas to get a complete idea. 

How To Taper A Straight Line In Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint allows you to give your lines the tapered effect mostly acquired by using a pen or when making freehand art. This tool will enable you to draw a straight line while still making it look like a hand-drawn line. To do so: 

  1. Select the Straight Line option.
  2. In the Properties window, look for the Starting and Ending section. 
  3. Click right next to it, where it says “None,” and in the drop-down menu, choose Brush sizes. 
  4. Click on the + sign next to Starting and ending. An option for starting and an option for ending will appear separately. 
  5. Toggle the slider on the starting and ending options. Any changes that you make will show in the preview window. 
  6. Once done, draw a straight line. It may look like a straight line while you are drawing it, but the tapering effect will show once you release the cursor. 

How To Turn The Tapering Setting Off? 

You may notice that once this setting is on, all the lines you draw are tapered. One way of setting this off is to change the settings manually, but this can be tiresome and repetitive. To do this easily: 

  1. Look for a circle at the bottom right in the starting and ending sections. 
  2. Click on this to restore all the settings that you may have altered. 
  3. This takes you back to the default settings. 

How To Change The Color Of A Straight Line In Clip Studio Paint?

You cannot draw black lines everywhere, can you? To change the color of the lines, follow the steps below. 

  1. Select the Straight Line Tool.
  2. Before you draw a line, go to the properties panel and look for the color picker at the bottom.
  3. Choose the color you want to use, and then continue drawing your lines. 

Watch this helpful video to get the most out of the line tool. 


The most basic component of any art piece is the type of lines that make up the work. If you get this one thing right, you can slowly build your skills and make fantastic art that much praise. We helped you learn how to draw straight lines and maneuver them to look more real.