How to Duplicate In Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop’s ability to replicate objects, layers, and even entire pictures unlocks the door to a world of limitless artistic editing opportunities. Photoshop is immensely popular in part because of this kind of picture editing. Let’s examine numerous strategies for duplicating in Photoshop to streamline your productivity.

In Photoshop, all you need to do is choose the area you want to replicate. To copy the selection, use CMD + C on a Mac or CTRL + C on a Windows computer. Finally, press CMD + V or CTRL + V on Windows (Mac).

Let’s now discuss other ways you can duplicate in Photoshop. Read more below!

How to Duplicate in Photoshop

By reducing the need to add identical effects (as in layers) repeatedly, duplicating helps you save time. To alter a picture quickly, you must create a duplicate and utilize it on the same image or another.

To learn more information about how to duplicate in Photoshop, watch this video below:

Fastest way to make duplicate copies in Photoshop

Here’s how to do it.

Using the Dragging Option

Here’s how you can use the dragging option.

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop CC and load your image.
  • Create a copy of your backdrop layer. Press CTRL + J on a Windows computer or CMD + J on a Mac to choose the Layer in the panel. This step is critical if you prefer a non-destructive editing approach in which your original image remains unaltered.
  • Select the item you want to duplicate, then pick the new duplicate layer.
  • Based on the level of accuracy and form necessary, choose one of the selection tools available on the toolbar. You may make a rectangle selection with the Rectangular Marquee tool or a freehand one with the Lasso tool.
  • A selection is created using the rapid selection tool focused on surrounding matched pixels. The Magic Wand tool, on the contrary, makes selections based on color tones.
  • Once you’ve selected the required area, hit V or choose the Move tool from the toolbar to change it.
  • Drag the item while holding down ALT on a Windows computer or OPT on a Mac. You’ll see that a copy is created, which you are free to put wherever you choose.
  • This technique of object duplication is useful when you have to duplicate a tiny item numerous times. 

Using Shortcuts on the Keyboard

You can use the following shortcuts: 

  • Choose a location that needs duplication.
  • To copy the specified region, use CMD + C on a Mac or CTRL + C on a Windows computer.
  • Finally, press CMD + V on Mac or CTRL + V on Windows. This will make the copied item visible on your canvas.
  • To position the duplicate item where you want it to be, select the move tool.

Duplicate Using the Clone Stamp Tool

The clone stamp tool is useful for duplicating items, even though it has many other uses. The tool is in the bar on the left side of the Photoshop user interface. It does away with the necessity for careful selection, which could take more time.

  • Load a picture in Photoshop.
  • By choosing the layer inside the Layers Panel and doing a right-click, you may duplicate the Background layer. Go to Layer > Duplicate.
  • Select the second layer after that, and then play about using the Clone Stamp Tool.
  • You can pick the Clone tool from the toolbar.
  • Settle on the right brush size if you need to replicate a larger selection; otherwise, use a smaller size if you’re copying a little object with a complex backdrop.
  • Be sure to choose the “aligned” option.
  • Select the source on the picture you want to clone while holding down the ALT or OPT keys on your keyboard.
  • Let go of the ALT/OPT key, and then begin using the Clone Tool brush to paint a new region. In another location, the brush will apply the very same pixels from the selected source.
  • Use the eraser tool to correct the background if you want to get rid of the mismatched backdrop caused by the cloned object. To use the eraser with accuracy, try zooming in on the picture.

Image Duplication

All you must do to replicate a picture in Photoshop is:

  • Navigate to the Image tab in Photoshop when the image is open.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and choose Duplicate.
  • Give your copy a name in the picture duplicate dialogue box.
  • The cloned picture will appear in a new window when you click “OK.”
  • Keep holding down the ALT key on a computer running Windows or the OPT key on a Mac and choose Image > Duplicate if you do not wish to utilize the dialogue box while copying.


A selection or layer must be duplicated frequently while creating graphics or editing photos. With the methods shown above, Photoshop allows you to replicate anything effortlessly. Thanks to these tools, your editing process will be much more efficient and quicker, giving you more time to edit more pictures.