How to Embed Fonts In Illustrator

Since Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based tool, it is more appropriate for PDF output. When you add text to your project, Illustrator will treat it as a text layer, and when you export, the text will be embedded in the right way. The steps to save an Illustrator file are the same as those to save an InDesign file. You can turn text into outlines in Illustrator, but you should only do this if you can’t embed the font.

When using Illustrator, you can navigate to “File” and choose “Save As.” Choose Adobe PDF (*.PDF) as the file format, type in a file name, then pick a folder on your system where you’ll save the file. Select “Save.” Select the “PDF/X-1a; 2001” preset. When you select “Save PDF,” a PDF with embedded fonts will be created from your file.

Before we describe the steps in more detail, let’s understand the difference between embedding and outlining text in Illustrator.

Outline Text Vs. Embedded Text

Although many of you would believe they are the same procedure, they aren’t. You don’t always need to outline when you can embed typeface or text.

Because you can’t embed a font without the font vendor’s permission, there may be copyright issues. Therefore, before embedding a downloaded font, review the font license carefully.

You can no longer alter the text content when you outline text or a typeface since you are turning it into a path. Instead, you’d be changing the “text” as a shape. The underlined text anchor points indicate that it was converted to a vector route.

Why Use Adobe Illustrator to Embed Text?

Just because embedding text and font ensures that the fonts we use in our Illustrator file display consistently across platforms, as a result, even if you view the Illustrator document on a different device or printer, you will see the exact font.

The text won’t look exactly like your original document if a font is not embedded or highlighted and the device doesn’t already have that font installed; therefore, you’ll have to update the missing fonts.

Once you save your Adobe Illustrator work as a PDF and prepare it for printing, it’s a good idea to embed a typeface.

How to Embed Fonts in Illustrator

You should do this whenever you save a PDF for printing, so you aren’t required to vectorize the text or make a text outline. To save a PDF print file in Adobe Illustrator with embedded text or a typeface, simply follow the steps in this section.

To learn more about how to embed fonts in Illustrator, the tips in the video below may be helpful:

How To Embed Text In Adobe Illustrator – Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Arsal Arts

If your artwork has text, this is how you embed fonts when you save it as a PDF file.

  • Navigate to the menu bar located at the top after the design is finished.
  • Select “File” from the menu.
  • Locate and choose the “Save As” option under the “File” menu.
  • A dialogue window where you must enter a file name appears. Now, choose “Adobe PDF (*.PDF)” from the “Save as Type” menu. Click “Save.”
  • After you’ve done that, a dialogue box labeled “Save Adobe PDF” appears. Select “General” from the drop-down menu in that box. Select “Standard” from the dropdown box by going there. 
  • The “Save PDF” button should be clicked after choosing “PDF/X-1a:2001.” A dialogue box will appear; click the “OK” button there.
  • After that, navigate to the folder in which the PDF file was saved. To launch the file, double-click it. The PDF file has embedded fonts that you may view.

Some Bonus Tips

If you need to print the PDF quickly but can’t embed the font because you don’t have the right license, or if the print shop needs to make changes to your original design, you can either send the file to them or outline the typefaces.

If you choose to outline the font, just select the text, and choose the Outline Font option from the overhead menu. Type > Create Outlines, or if you want to use the keyboard shortcut, Shift + Command + O (Shift + Ctrl + O for Windows users).

Once the typeface has been outlined, it cannot be altered like text. You cannot alter the font or character style, for instance. However, you may alter the color or the shape.

Before you choose to embed your text in this way, make sure it is completely correct. Otherwise, it would not be a terrible idea to package the file, and it’s simple to do too.

Simply save file first, then go to the menu bar and select File > Package.


There are essentially two methods for embedding typefaces in Adobe Illustrator. Making a text outline is one of them, which most people are already familiar with. However, as it provides you with more editing options, I would suggest integrating the font as you save file as a PDF.