How To Erase In Krita

Krita, like the majority of other raster graphics editors, doesn’t have a tool with the label “Eraser tool.” Still, it provides you with various methods for removing pixels from your photo. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss all ways you can accomplish this or the different features you may utilize as an eraser.

In Krita, rather than being a separate tool, the eraser is a Blending mode (or Composite mode). If you want to switch between the paint and erase modes for any of your brushes, all you have to do is press the E key once.

Continue reading to find out more about the different ways to erase in Krita.

How Does Krita’s Eraser Work?

The first thing to do before we begin learning is to load an image in the program we’ll be using to practice using the eraser. Simply choose Open File, which appears as the second Start label option on this Krita window screen, or use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + O.

An image selection dialogue box will now be displayed; choose the picture you need from its stored folder and then hit the Open button on the dialogue box. Any picture will work for this purpose.

To learn more about how to erase in Krita, watch this video below:

How to erase in Krita

Eraser with the Freehand Brush tool

You can erase with the freehand brush tool by following the simple steps below:

  • As a shortcut for this technique, use the Freehand brush tool from the tool panel or the B key on your keyboard.
  • Now, click on the Edit Brush Settings tab, which is the second bar down from the top of the application’s window.
  • An Edit dialogue box will pop up after you click on this icon. Select Toggle Showing Presets from this dialogue box’s options.
  • If you put “Eraser” into this dialogue box’s Search field (located beside the Preset panel’s button), the Eraser brush will be pre-selected in the Preset section.
  • You can select any eraser from the brush preset at this step.
  • Since it’s a sort of brush and you may modify its settings to suit your preferences, once you pick it, you will have access to the same options as we do with any other brush.
  • By using the [or] button on the keyboard, you may alter the dimensions of the tip of the brush. The properties bar, which appears as the second bar down from the top of the operating window, has a Size option that allows you to alter the size as well.
  • Next, when you drag the brush tip while still holding down the move button over the appropriate area of the image, the image’s pixels will begin to be erased. When pixels from the top layer are erased, the background layer will show through in the erased area.
  • Open the Edit Brush settings dialogue box once more, and then choose the Square option from the Shapes tab to transform the eraser’s shape into a square.
  • It’s now going to remove pixels in a square-shaped manner.

Use Any Brush Preset as Eraser

You can use any brush preset as an eraser by following the simple steps below:

  • Choose any brush from the Edit Brush Setting dialogue box to use as an eraser.
  • Next, when you use the brush you’ve chosen to paint your picture, it should behave normally.
  • “Set Eraser Mode” can then be enabled by clicking on the icon that appears afterward. This option may also be found in the properties bar.
  • Because Erase mode is enabled, if you use this brush again at any time, it will delete the pixel rather than paint it.

Use Any Shape as an Erasing Tool

Any shape tool may be used as an eraser. Follow the steps below:

  • You need to activate Eraser mode and select any shape tool you need from the tool panel. By clicking on its icon, the rectangle or any other shape tool can be selected from the tool panel.
  • Now create a rectangle or any other shape that you prefer. When you draw a form using the specified specifications, the shape will remove all pixels that fall within its defined boundaries.
  • With the line tool, you can accomplish the same thing. Just pick the Line tool from the toolbar and draw a line. The region that the line covers will then be removed.


We hope it was easy for you to learn how to use different methods to erase a pixel in Krita. You should now be able to change the settings of many tools and processes easily. You can gain expertise on how to delete pixels by practicing all the methods we covered above and practicing them. Happy editing!