How To Evenly Space Objects in Photoshop

If you work as a photographer or graphic designer, you must have seen instances where it was difficult to accurately put the objects, so they were spaced properly on the canvas. You cannot ensure precise and consistent spacing by crudely gauging the arrangement by eye. Learn how to use Photoshop’s incredibly useful automated functions to position items appropriately.

Choose a command under Layer > Distribute. Choose the Move tool as an alternative, and then choose a distribution method from the options bar. From the topmost pixel of every layer, equally space the layers.

Keep reading for additional information on how to appropriately space items in Photoshop.

Why Is It Important to Align and Distribute Objects Equally?

You may be required to Align and Distribute items uniformly for the aforementioned purposes:

  • To create advertising and marketing products with flawless visual coherency, such as flier designs.
  • To create a collage by combining multiple images.
  • To make sure that pictures and pertinent text in a graphic are in alignment.

How to Space Objects Evenly in Photoshop

Photoshop includes a fantastic function called Smart Guides that is quite useful for consistently positioning pieces in your work. To help you understand and refine these capabilities, we’ll go through each one in more detail below.

To learn more about how to space objects evenly in Photoshop, watch this video below:

Shortcut for Even Spacing in Photoshop with Dave Cross

Using Smart Guides The first tool we’ll discuss is Photoshop’s user-friendly Smart Guides. This feature can fix any alignment or spacing problems you run into when making something.

  • The Smart Guides are always active in the Photoshop CC interface. Nevertheless, they may be turned on by heading to the View menu and clicking on Smart Guides while you are hovering over the Show option. 
  • Once it’s turned on, it’s easy to check the alignment and spacing between an item and its surroundings. 
  • This makes it possible to have precise and uniform spacing.

Quick Advice

By pressing CTRL/CMD + R, you may activate the ruler tool and see the value in pixels instead of inches. Click the ruler with your right mouse button and choose Pixels from the drop-down navigation bar.

When shifting the layers, Smart Guides will provide measures that let you correctly snap to the nearest item if you press CTRL or CMD when hovering over the layers.

Drag a layer to clone it while holding the ALT or OPT keys. You can position it at the proper distance with the aid of the Smart Guides.

Space Objects Evenly Using the Move Tool

Despite being extremely helpful, the Smart Guide approach to item spacing necessitates human alignment and distribution. You can also use the Move tool, which will do the job instantly for you when you have several pieces that need to be lined up and spaced exactly.

  • If each item is on a different layer, they may all be precisely aligned and spread across your text. 
  • The Layer menu and Move Tool’s settings bar both provide access to the twelve Alignment and Distribution settings.

Align Options

The following are Photoshop’s six alignment options:

Align Top Edges: If you choose this option, the objects will be placed at the top edge of the border you chose.

Align Vertical Center: Each object has a vertical center, and this option will use that center to line up all the objects in the same way.

Align Bottom Edges: This option aligns the bottom edges of items in the same way that it aligns the top edges.

Align Left Edges: It positions items with their leftmost pixels uniformly aligned.

Align Horizontal Centers: The horizontal centers of the items are used to align them.

Align Right Edges: It aligns the rightmost pixel of items in an accordion pattern.

Distribute Options

These are the six Distribute options in Photoshop:

Distribute Top Edges: It maintains a consistent distance between objects and their topmost pixels.

Distribute Vertical Centers: It consistently spaces objects with respect to their vertical centers are referred to as having distributed vertical centers.

Distribute Bottom Edges: It keeps a consistent distance between objects and their bottom-most pixels.

Distribute Left Edges: It keeps the distance between objects the same based on the leftmost pixel of each one.

Distribute Horizontal Centers: This means that the space between items is the same in relation to the horizontal centers.

Distribute Right Edges: It maintains consistent object spacing in relation to the rightmost pixel.


Photoshop’s effective tools are a gift when it comes to keeping the distance between objects proportional. A detailed description is provided to better help you comprehend how the functions work. These features make it easy to line up items in a multilayer document, so they look good and don’t look like they’re out of place.