How To Exit Full Screen In Photoshop

Do you ever experiment and suddenly stumble upon a setting entirely alien to you? It happens a lot. This gets the most confusing when you enter the full-screen mode and have no options to work with. Even exiting Photoshop might seem impossible amid the frustration. 

Exiting the full-screen mode is as simple as just a click away. You can either press the escape key or hit the F key. You can keep pressing F until you reach your desired screen mode setting. 

There is a way to do this by going through the menus. This is more promising and reliable. 

Screen Modes In Photoshop

Photoshop provides its users with different screen modes. Each mode serves a specific purpose. Users are encouraged to experiment with each one and determine which ones work for them. The modes that are offered are:

  1. Full-screen mode – The full-screen mode takes over the entire screen. The canvas is displayed on the whole screen, with no menus or panels. 
  2. Full-screen mode with menus – This is when the canvas takes up most of the screen, but the menus also consume a portion of the screen space. 
  3. The standard screen mode – this is the primary mode and it shows everything in order. The menu is at the top, followed by the tools, and the canvas lies below these. 
  4. Floating window mode – Several windows can be un-docked and opened separately. For example, the tools can be opened in a different window and moved around. 

How To Enter Full-Screen Mode?

If you wish to enter the full screen, you would:

  1. Look for the “View” option in the menu bar at the top.
  2. Then you would enter “Screen Mode.”
  3. In the options given, choose “Full-Screen Mode.”

How To Exit Full-Screen Mode?

If you wish to exit full-screen mode, there are two ways to do it. 

Firstly, you could hit the Escape key, which will take you back to the standard view. 

The escape key might not work, depending on the system. You could toggle at the top of your canvas to show the menu. Go to “View” from the menu and choose the mode you want to switch. 

Watch this video for more help: 

How to Get Out of Fullscreen on Photoshop : Photoshop Help 

How To Show The Toolbar In Full-Screen Mode In Photoshop?

The toolbar and the menus disappear entirely in full-screen mode. However, you have a solution if you wish to access these without exiting the full-screen mode. 

  1. Toggle your cursor on the screen’s extreme left side, which will show the toolbar to you.
  2. Toggle your cursor on the extreme right side of the screen, and the panels will appear.
  3. Toggle your cursor at the top area of your screen, and the menu bar will appear. 
  4. Once the cursor moves away from the specified point, the options disappear. 

How To Enter Full-Screen Mode With Menu In Photoshop?

Most users wish to exit the full-screen mode to make changes. This process can be repetitive and frustrating. You may have to leave the full screen, make changes, enter the full screen again, and so on. 

The cycle is never-ending. Toggling menus repeatedly in full-screen mode may also be exhausting if you have extensive processes to perform. 

Photoshop has a way by which you can view your canvas more prominently while still having access to the menus. This view mode is known as the full-screen mode with menus. 

Here is how to access it:

  1. Go to “View” in your menu bar at the top of your screen. 
  2. Click on “Screen Mode.”
  3. The menu will include an option titled “Full-screen mode with menus.”
  4. Choose this, and your canvas is ready to be worked on.

Keyboard Shortcuts To Switch Between Modes

Keyboard shortcuts can save you so much time and make working in Photoshop very seamless. Let us see how you can move between different screen modes using your keyboard. 

  1. The letter key F is your best friend.
  2. Press F to shift from Standard View Mode to Full-Screen Mode With Menu. 
  3. Press F again to switch to Full-Screen Mode.
  4. Press F again to go back to Standard View Mode. 

If you want to move to the screen mode, you were in previously, hit the Shift and F keys together. If you are in Full-Screen Mode and were previously in Full Screen With Menus mode, this will take you to the Full Screen With Menus mode. 


Different screen modes allow for more precision and enable artists to inspect and refresh their work as they move along. Making this easy helps save time and energy that could be better invested in the art.