How to Find an Artist for a Book Cover

Every author should plan to work with an experienced graphic designer to make the cover of their book. Designing the cover yourself or using a template will not produce a professional looking result.

There are companies that have professional designers, and websites devoted to finding artists for a book cover. You need to choose a designer who best knows how to navigate your genre. The most important step in the process is to know your options.

A creative and compelling book cover sells more copies. If you want to know how to find an artist for a book cover, peruse this article.  

How Can I Find an Artist for a Book Cover?

Finding an artist for a book cover can be tricky, but that is why you need a good publisher. You need someone who will listen to you and know the true vision of the story. The following include steps you must take to find the right artist for your book cover:

Let the Publisher Know What You Want

When you hire a traditional publisher, they typically provide you with a questionnaire concerning what you would like to see an artist do with your book cover. Some examples of what they may want to know:

  • The character’s hair and eye color
  • Any important scenes in your book
  • The title and any design you want
  • What color you want the book to be

When you have a book cover in mind that you think would be a good idea, you need to get the details together. Your publisher can help you find the right cover artist. However, if you are self-published, it is entirely your decision what you want for your cover.    

Know Your Options

You can try to design your own book cover, but that may not be the best route to take. There are a plethora of graphic designers who design book covers. You need to have your publisher look into finding a designer who will work with your ideas to create the perfect book cover for your genre. For example, if you write historical fiction, you may want a designer who can replicate Victorian style writing.

You may also want to try an online company that specializes in creating book cover designs, such as Andy Carpenter Design or Baily Design Books. You can choose the best ideas for your book cover by searching on these sites. The genre in which you write will help you choose the best designer for your book.  

Hire a Graphic Designer

You can go with a company, or you can go online and look at Reedsy marketplace. You can look at the work of the graphic designers and invite a couple to pitch for a job and agree on a contract. You can also check out the ebook cover design awards and see the work of the winners. Reach out to a few of them and discuss prices and their approach to designing to see if it jives with your approach as an author.

Figure Out How Much Money You Want to Spend

The rice you pay on a book cover should depend on how much detail you want to put into it. For example, if you want an elaborate, intricate looking cover design, you will likely need to spend more money, such as if you are writing in the fantasy genre. If this is the case, you may want a cover design with:

  • Fairytale settings
  • Dark forests
  • Shiny daggers
  • Dragons

The above are all examples of designs you could find on the cover of a fantasy novel. Sophisticated imagery that is authentic and unique tends to cost more than an amateur graphic designer who comes cheap and cannot create elaborate scenery. The cover should give a strong indication of which genre you belong as an author.

Always pick a designer who works in your genre and pay them promptly. If you want a good relationship with your professional team, whether it is your publisher, editor, or book cover artist, you should aim to be a good client who is appreciative of hard work.

Pro Tip: If you find yourself on a shoestring budget, you can always use a book cover template and customize it to your specific book. These are 100% legal and copyright-free options for making a book cover, and they fit into a tiny budget!

Go with Different Examples of Covers

You should pick out different examples of covers that you may want your potential cover artist to consider. You should send them lots of different covers so that there is a greater chance of them being able to use one of them, or at the very least, putting a cover together that uses elements of the covers you suggest. Find the right person for the job.

If you are creating a series of books, it is even more difficult to choose, and you will want a professional to help you figure it out. It is also important to know that whichever graphic designer you choose will not actually be reading your book, which is why you need to send them your back blurb. If you find an artist that can work with your ideas and whom you respect, give them a chance.

Be Prepared

No matter how much you prepare for the cover designer you want, sometimes it does not always work out. Sometimes an artist whom you love and feel comfortable with may drop the ball, their schedule may change, or they may change their price to an amount you cannot afford.

If you want to be prepared, you need to have a list of at least three or four other cover designers you may want to work with. Also, there is no law that says that you must choose only one cover artist to work with. It is possible to work with someone specific for one book, then someone else for another. 


When you choose an artist to design the cover of your book, there are several steps you need to take. Pick a graphic designer who best fits with your vision as an author and whose talent you respect and admire.