How to Find Out Who Designed a Book Cover [5 Tips]

They say to avoid judging a book by its cover, but many of us do. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a book cover, you’re not alone. Many enjoy the art so much that they want to determine who designed the cover. How can you find this information? Is it possible to determine who created the front of a novel?

Here are five ways to find out who designed a book cover:

  1. Examine the cataloging page
  2. Search the internet
  3. Check the cover
  4. Contact publishing companies
  5. Examine similar books

These should provide the answer.

If you’re interested in learning more about who designed a book cover, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the five best ways to find this information, from contacting the publisher to searching the internet. The more you know, the better you will have access to the responsible artist.

1. Examine the Cataloging Page

One of the best ways to determine the designer is to examine the cataloging page of the book. This section is on the back of the title page. Here, you will note a chunk of tiny text. If you look closely enough at these words, you should see the creator of the book cover.

It may be tricky to determine the book cover designer at first glance. Look carefully for a name and an indicator that they are the person who designed the book. From there, you can look up the title to ensure that the individual is a designer, not an author, publisher, or editor in the book world.

2. Search the Internet

Another method is to search the internet. With the vast amount of information available today, you will find yourself trekking down a rabbit hole toward your question. Many publishers post the designer, and those designers have websites and further information to examine.

You may want to search for items like:

  • The title of the book
  • The author’s name
  • The publishing house
  • The specific cover of the book

Any identification for your version of the novel will work well.

It may take a little searching and refining to locate the answer. If the first method doesn’t work, the internet is the ideal place. If that doesn’t appeal to you, it’s time to turn back to the book itself.

3. Check the Cover

You can also examine the cover itself. If the majority of the piece is a work of art, the creator will occasionally sign their name or leave another distinctive feature on the work. The cover is full of information to help you determine the individual responsible for the cover image. It might be hidden to prevent distraction from the book.

The best places to look include the bottom of the page, the top, and places in the art with room for a signature. Once you locate those spots, check to ensure there isn’t an artist’s signature.

4. Contact Publishing Companies

Another excellent method is to contact the publishing company that put the book out. They should be able to provide you with the cover artist and any additional information you need. The smaller the publishing company, the more likely you are to gain access to knowledge surrounding the creation of the cover.

If your book cover came from an indie publishing company, you may be able to find the information on the website without contacting them. If it’s from one of the bigger publishing houses, further contact is necessary.

5. Examine Similar Books

Another method is to examine similar books. If the cover art and design look the same, it’s likely the cover was formed by the same artist. You can look at those books to uncover further information about who created each cover option. You can research these books on the internet.

This method is the least recommended. It will take more hunting and examination than the other four.

Final Thoughts

If you love a book cover, it may be critical to determine who designed the page. There are several ways to accomplish this task. You can examine the cataloging page, search the internet, check the cover, contact publishers, and even examine similar books. It shouldn’t take long to find the right answer.

We hope this information was helpful! If you need a quality designer, locating the creator of a book cover will be beneficial. There are many ways to accomplish this task, so you don’t need to worry about never learning the answer. Once you know, you can follow more of their work or hire them for your needs.