How to Fix a Photoshop Move Tool That’s Not Resizing

Photoshop has been a popular design tool for decades and is often used by professionals in the graphic design industry. Those who are new to Photoshop may experience frustration with the Move Tool, and when they try to resize an object, it moves without resizing. Here’s how you can fix this problem.

Reset your preferences with Photoshop itself. If the issue does not lie there, be sure that your tools have the Show Transform Tools turned on. This will allow you to see the available actions.

If you’re brand new to PhotoShop entirely, all of this can seem a little overwhelming. What is the move tool in the first place? Why would you use it? The good news is there are plenty of reasons for using the move and resizing features of Photoshop for your graphic design needs. Let’s go over some of the basics.

How to Fix a Photoshop Move Tool That is Not Resizing

The Photoshop Move Tool is a common tool that is used to move objects in an image. When you try to resize an object with the Move Tool, it may not resize, or it may only resize a little bit before moving. If this happens, there are two possible fixes.

Change Your Photoshop Preferences

The first fix involves checking your preferences in PhotoShop to make sure you have everything needed to resize images turned on. Open the Preferences dialog box by going to:

  • Select Edit
  • Select Preferences
  • Choose General

Check That the Show Transform Tool Option Is On

If everything appears acceptable here, you next want to check that the Show Transform Tools option is on. If it is off, you will need to turn it on. If the Show Transform Tools option is on and you still are not able to resize an image with the Move Tool, then your next step is to check your keyboard shortcuts.

Are There Any Alternatives For Resizing Photos?

The easiest way to resize an object is by using the Transform Tool. You can find this tool in the Photoshop toolbar. This tool will make it easier to resize a picture or object without any frustrations. However, if this is too complicated, there are some alternatives that can help, such as

Placeitt Image Resizer Vs. Photoshop

The Placeit Image Resizer is a useful tool for those who are new to Photoshop and need something to resize their objects without having to resize them manually. It has the ability to resize and manipulate an object instantly, saving you time from having to resize them by hand.

If you are looking for a more advanced tool that will allow you more control over your images, then the Photoshop Transform Tool is the right one for you. However, there is some training and know-how required to use the software, making it more difficult to manage when just starting out. By comparison, Place.It is extremely helpful for beginners.

Which Will Provide Best Resized Images?

Placeit is a great choice for beginners to resize images. It is a free tool that allows you to resize your images to the exact dimensions you want in just a few clicks. It’s easy to use and can be used on any image, and on any device with internet. Photoshop has more features than Placeit, but it’s not as easy to use as Placeit. You can get high-quality images with Photoshop, but it will take more time and effort than using Placeit for resizing your images.

Why Is My Photo Blurry After Resizing It In Photoshop?

Blurry photos are a common problem after resizing images. You may have noticed that your images become blurry when you resize them in Photoshop – this is because of the high-quality pixels that you are using with large images. Blurry photos are more noticeable when you increase the size of an image by a lot, such as making an image that was originally 5 x 7 inches into one that is 20 x 30 inches.

The best way to avoid this problem is to select the “Nearest Neighbor” option when resizing your image in Photoshop. This will allow you to keep your image looking sharp and clear as opposed to having perfectly smooth edges on your photo after resizing it.

Photoshop also has a feature called “Bicubic Smoother,” which can be used for reducing blurriness in large images after resizing them, but this option is only available for professional memberships and some paid plans on Photoshop. If you do not have access to these features, then the “Nearest Neighbor” option is the best way to ensure that your images look clear and crisp after resizing them.

How to Change the Size of an Image Without Making It Blurry

You can resize your image, without making it look blurry. To do this in Photoshop, use the “Nearest Neighbor” option to make your image larger or smaller but still maintain a high-quality result. This will allow you to make your image larger without it getting blurry. You can also use a blur filter to avoid blurring your images.

In Photoshop:

  • Go to Edit
  • Select Define Custom Filter

In the dialog box that appears, select Gaussian Blur and set the radius to 0. Then, click OK and apply this filter to your image. The filter will reduce any blurring that may occur when you resize your image in Photoshop, making it easier for you to make large images without them looking blurry or pixilated.


If you’re struggling with the Move Tool, don’t worry! There are a couple of ways to fix it that were covered in this article. With time and patience, you’re on your way to getting an image just right for your needs.