How to Fix Instagram Photos Having a Black Background

How to Fix Instagram Photos Having a Black Background

Instagram is a great platform for influencers and others alike to share their photos and other content for others to see. There is nothing more frustrating than sharing your photo to realize that everything is black. This leaves many people wondering if they can fix this problem.

Fixing your Instagram photos that have a black background once you have uploaded them is relatively simple. Following a few simple instructions can help you change the black background to what it should be in no time at all.

While discovering that your newly uploaded photo on Instagram has a completely black background can be frustrating, it can be fixed. Keep reading to learn about steps you can take to fix your Instagram photos that have a black background.

What Does it Mean When Your Instagram Photo Uploads With a Black Background?

Uploading pictures on Instagram is what many people do to stay connected to other people, especially those who follow them. It is a way for them to show their brand or build a bigger following.

When you upload high-resolution photos that are of better quality on Instagram you run the risk of them turning black. Although the exact cause is unknown by most, it is an issue that can be frustrating nonetheless.

Much of this issue occurs when you upload these higher-quality photos from your smartphone, whether you have an Android or iOS device. No matter which device you are using, you can rest assured that the problem can be fixed to turn your photo to its original beauty.

How Do You Fix Instagram Photos Having a Black Background?

In most cases, when something goes wrong with technology, there are typically quite a few “fixes” that are out there. This is especially true when it has to do with uploading photos and such to Instagram or other social media platforms. 

With so much advice out there, it is up to you to determine which one will work for your situation and device. In many cases, this means that you will need to try different things until you find the one that fixes your Instagram photos.

Read on below to learn the steps of the most commonly used fix for Instagram photos that get uploaded with a black background.

1. Instagram Profile

The first step to getting your Instagram photo back to its original quality is to go to your profile on the app. Doing this will get you headed in the right direction to fix the black that showed up on your photo background.

To do this, open Instagram on your smartphone device, and in the upper right corner click on “Profile.” Once you are here, you should be able to access your settings which will help you to fix the issue you are having.

2. Click on Options

Once you have your Instagram profile opened, you can click on “Options” in the upper right corner to access the various settings. This will allow you to change certain settings that will fix your photo. 

You should be able to recognize this area, as it has three vertical dots that you will click on to access the options area. Once you click these dots, you will need to follow instructions to fix your high-quality photos.

3. Navigate to Settings

After clicking on the three vertical dots that indicate you are in the “options” section, you will then navigate down to the “settings” section on your Instagram app. Going here will get you one step closer to fixing your photo issue.

You should notice that in settings you have the ability to change any of your settings that may be affecting your photos or other uploads. Finding the setting that will fix your photos with a black background may take some trial and error.

4. Choose Upload Quality

In the settings, you will notice that you can change anything from the language you are using to how you use push notifications and much more. Anything you need to fix on your Instagram you should be able to find in the settings tab.

Once you are in settings, you can click on “Upload Quality” to make adjustments to the high-resolution photos that you have uploaded. You should see that you have two options to choose from for the type of quality you want for your pictures.

The “Normal” setting is the default in most cases and works great for many of your photos. However, if you are experiencing photos that have a black background once you upload them, you may need to change this setting.

If your pictures are being posted with a black background, in the Upload Quality setting, you will need to switch from “normal” to “basic” to ensure that the pictures are uploaded correctly. Once you do this, you should then restart your Instagram app to ensure the changes are set.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that when you are uploading photos to your Instagram profile, you expect them to turn out the way they were taken. In some cases, however, this is not the case and you will need to make some adjustments to make it happen.

This process can be somewhat frustrating, especially if you are not familiar with the different settings or are a novice at the whole IG process. While these are valid frustrations, you should keep in mind that if you are diligent, you can overcome this issue.

As an alternative, you could use a website like to create Instagram posts that are formatted specially for Instagram, so you can avoid this issue altogether. This website is a great resource for those who post pictures often and do not want to hassle with changing the settings all of the time.

At the end of the day, whether you use a website to create your high-resolution pictures or if you choose to do them yourself, it is important to realize that there are ways you can fix most upload issues. Using your Instagram app settings, you can most likely fix any problem you may be having.