How To Get Rid Of Artboard In Photoshop

Photoshop remains one of the most popular photo editing programs out there – but many people struggle with using the new artboard feature. After all, some users complain that it is confusing and unnecessary. So what can you do to get rid of the new artboard feature on Photoshop?

There are ways to delete artboards of your new and existing files on Photoshop, but it is a default built-in feature that you cannot disable permanently. To delete the artboard in a file, go to the Layers panel, select the artboard, and then choose the option ‘Ungroup Artboards.’

Many people who use Photoshop can replace artboards by creating layers and groups. However, it seems that the feature is here to stay. So, if you really want to remove an artboard from your files, keep reading this article to learn what to do about it!

How To Delete Artboards In Photoshop

As you may have now realized, the new artboard feature on Photoshop is bringing with it a myriad of reactions. Some users love it – and have made using it a top priority. Others, not so much. In fact, a lot of the software’s dedicated users don’t quite get the appeal of it, and want it out.

It is very easy to accidentally create a file on Photoshop and include an artboard in it. However, this mistake does not mean that you will need to completely delete the file and start from scratch. In fact, you can still delete the artboard within the file. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open up the Layers Panel on the file in question.
  2. When you see the artboard that you want to be removed, right-click.
  3. From the menu that appears, choose the option ‘Ungroup Artboards.’
  4. The artboard will be removed from your file.

On the other hand, some Photoshop users prefer to have a keyboard shortcut so they can easily manage their work. If that is you, here are the keyboard shortcuts you need to use once you select the artboard:

  • On a Windows computer: hold down Control, and then select Shift and G.
  • On a macOS device: hold down Command, and then select Shift and G.

As a result of this, the artboard can be taken out of the file, and you don’t have to get started on your project from the very beginning. Here is a video showing you how to get this process done:

How To Create A File Without Artboards

On the other hand, you can avoid the trouble of the first section by just creating a file that does not come with an artboard. That way, you won’t have to delete the artboards later on in the process. Here is what you will need to do to make this happen.

  • Open up Photoshop on your computer.
  • Start to create a new Photoshop file.
  • In the New Document window, make sure to unselect the option Artboards.
  • Choose the option ‘Create’ to finish making a new file.

You will now have a file open with no artboard selected!

Can Artboards Be Permanently Disabled?

Because of the fact that many people don’t like using artboards, there is a huge lingering question here, is there a way that you can completely turn off the option of artboards? After all, with an option like that, you won’t have to remember to unselect them every time you make a new file.

However, unfortunately, this is not an option available to people. This is because, as it stands, you don’t have a way to completely switch off or disable artboards when using Photoshop. Of course, this still means that you can always delete them from your files, or create a file without one.

At the end of the day, we now have to accept that artboards are just one of the features of this software that are going to be staying. As the software changes and improves with time, artboards may also become better and more useful. Until then, you now know how to make them a bit more manageable.

Final Thoughts

There is really a lot of confusion and frustration amongst Photoshop users when it comes to artboards. While many feel like it is confusing and frustrating, others may find it useful still. However, if you don’t want to add artboards to their process on Photoshop, you now know what you can do to make that happen!