How To Italicize Text In Illustrator

Are you tired of the bland text font that you have been using? We are sure you tried switching fonts, which did not help. Do not give up so soon. Another way to add variety to your text is by changing the character styles. The most aesthetically pleasing and common one is italicizing the text. 

To italicize your text, select it, go to the Type menu, and choose character styles. Here, choose Italic.  

To learn more about text styles and how to incorporate these into your designs, continue reading. 

Why Are Italics Used In Text?

Italics are used in text to emphasize certain words or phrases. They are often used to draw attention to keywords or phrases, to emphasize important points, or to indicate titles of works, such as books or movies. Italics can also denote foreign words, technical terms, or words used as examples.

What Are Some Fonts That Offer Italicized Text In Adobe Illustrator?

The Adobe Illustrator default fonts are Myriad Pro, Garamond, Minion Pro, and Adobe Caslon Pro. These all offer italicized text.

How To Italicize Text In Illustrator By Changing Character Style?

To italicize the text:

  1. Select the text you want to italicize. 
  2. Go to the “Type” menu and select “Character Styles.”
  3. Select the “Italic” style. 
  4. The text should now be italicized.

What Is The Shear Tool In Illustrator?

The Shear Tool in Illustrator is a transformation tool that lets you twist, slant, or distort an object. It works similarly to the Rotate Tool, except that the rotation angle is determined by the distance the anchor points are dragged.

How To Italicize The Font Using The Shear Tool?

Unfortunately, Illustrator does not have a feature to automatically italicize a font that does not have an italicized style. You can approximate an italicized type by manually slanting the letters. To do this:

  1. Select the text you want to italicize.
  2. Go to the Object menu, and select Transform > Shear. 
  3. Adjust the Shear Angle to the angle you desire, and click OK.

What To Do If You Do Not Want To Italicize Text?

You can try other character styles like underlining or boldening the text. 

How To Make Bold Text In Illustrator?

To make bold text in Illustrator:

  1. Select the text.
  2. Go to the Character panel. 
  3. Then, click on the Bold checkbox or adjust the font weight slider to make the text bold. 
  4. You can also use the Bold button in the Control Bar at the top of the workspace. 
  5. You can use the Bold button to make them all bold if you have multiple text frames selected.

How To Underline Text In Illustrator?

Follow the steps below to underline the text:

  1. Select the text with the Selection Tool (V).
  2. Go to the Stroke panel (Window > Stroke).
  3. Use the dropdown menu to set the Weight to the desired thickness.
  4. Select Align Stroke to Outside from the Align Stroke menu.
  5. Click the Stroke Color swatch and choose the color you want.
  6. Click OK.
  7. You will now see the text with the underline.

How To Skew Text In Illustrator?

Text can be skewed in Illustrator to create a distorted or angled effect. To do so:

  1. Select the text you want to skew. 
  2. Click the “Object” tab and select “Transform” from the menu.
  3. Select “Skew” from the “Transform” menu. 
  4. Click and drag the skew handles to manipulate the text.
  5. Click the “OK” button to apply the changes.

To find further help, watch this video:

At What Degree Is Italicised Text Slanted?

The italicized text is typically slanted at a 12 to 14-degree angle. This makes it easier to read and helps it stand out from the other text on the page.

Are Italics The Same As Cursive?

No, italics and cursive are not the same. Italics is a style of typeface that slants to the right and is used to emphasize certain words or phrases. Cursive is a script style of writing that is more flowing and connected than regular print.

How To Italicize Text In Photoshop?

To italicize text in Photoshop, select the text layer and then click on the “T” icon in the top toolbar. This will open the Character panel. In the Character panel window, click on the “Faux Italic” checkbox and click “OK.” The text will now be italicized.


It is time to say goodbye to the monotony of adding text in the same font all over. This article has walked you through italicizing, underlining, and turning text into bold. You can use all these in harmony or stick to one character style for consistency throughout your design.