How to Make a 2D Logo Using Blender

Blender is an open-source GNU GPL software. It is owned by a company that freely gives it as a tool to anyone who would like to use it. It allows people to create in a 3D space that makes shapes and logos for all types of industries. So how do you make a 2D logo using Blender?

Working with new software can be a bit challenging for anyone. Just because something is open source doesn’t mean it can’t be complicated and frustrating. Don’t let that stop you! Read on and learn how to make a 2D logo using Blender.

How to Make a 2D Logo Using Blender

Using Blender to make a 2D logo is par for the course. However, the typical usage for Blender is to create a 3D logo or art that can be used for video, additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. Blender is a handy software that becomes easier to use and create with the more hours you work with it.

Opening a New Project is the Best Place to Start

A new project is one of the first things you need to do when starting your build. Blender is straightforward, and if you watch a couple of YouTube videos, you get a general idea of how easy it is to use. You only need to click FILE in the top left corner and move down to NEW>General or 2D Animation if you want to animate later.

Clearing the Project is the Next Step

When you open the Blender software, there are some things you might need to do before moving on to creating your 2D logo. First, there’s a good chance your window populates with the Blender cube dead center; if it does, you should close or delete it.

The steps to clear your new project are as follows:

  • Double Tap A – When the Blender software boots, a cube will be in the middle of the screen, along with some vector markings. By tapping, you deselect anything that could populate, and by double tapping, you select everything in the workspace. Blender could populate with saved work, so save before you delete everything.
  • Hit X – Once everything is selected, you should hit the X key. Once you hit the X, everything will be deleted from the workspace. This means you can have an open area to work on your logo without harming other pieces or projects.

Now that the area is clear of other projects, you can begin to lay in the base for your new logo design. Remember that animating or changing your logo to 3D will require a few extra steps than a regular 2D logo. Blender is a 3D animation software. Making a logo with only two dimensions is not using the software to its true purpose or potential.

The Grease Pencil is Your 2D Tool of Choice

Now that your workspace is clear of other project bits, it is time to work with the Grease Pencil. It is the tool used to create animations in 2D that allow you to work in the 3D space of Blender. It is a marvel to use, creating some amazing logos that are primed for animation or just as nonmoving logos. Hold D and move the mouse to draw with the Grease Pencil.

Some things you can do with the Grease Pencil are:

  • Shift-A – By hitting Shift-A, you can switch back and forth between the pencil tool. The critical thing to remember is that the Grease Pencil has several levels of functionality beyond the Primitives and can be programmed with lots of awesome things to help with your 2D logo.
  • Primitives – Primitives are an excellent tool for drawing lines with or without strokes and even a bit of clipart fun. For example, there’s a Monkey primitive that will enable you to place a pic of the Blender monkey in the animation area. These are fun tools; you should play with them to discover how they work in different projects.

The Grease Pencil is your key to making 2D logos with Blender. By plotting out the main shape of the logo, all you have to do is add some lettering and colors, and you have a logo that works for your business or activity.


It is a breeze to make a 2D logo with Blender. The tools are easy to use, and once you know the 3D workspace and how it operates, you can make some great logos that generate a buzz for your business or event.

Making a 2D logo with 3D animation software seems overkill, but some great functions in the software are good for any drawing or animation style. The thing to remember is simplicity. Using Blender for 2D should not be a struggle but should allow you to incorporate some animation tools, like depth, into a boring logo.