How To Make A Curved Line In Indesign

Are you tired of the monotony of straight lines drawn across designs? Are you looking to add versatility to your document? You should explore curved lines. 

To make a curved line, select the Pen Tool, click where you would like to begin, then click where you would like your line to end. Drag the cursor between these two points. Using the Direct Selection Tool, select the Anchor Point where the curve starts and drag it across the Artboard to adjust the curve. 

To learn more about curving lines and text, continue reading this article. 

How To Make A Straight Line In InDesign?

Before moving on to curving lines, we need to know how a straight line can be drawn in InDesign. The instructions are given below. 

  1. Select the Line Tool by clicking and holding the Pen Tool in the Tools panel.
  2. Click and drag in the document window to create a straight line.
  3. Release the mouse button when you are happy with the line length.
  4. Change the line weight, color, and other attributes in the Stroke panel.

How To Make A Curved Line In InDesign?

To make a curved line in InDesign:

  1. Select the Pen Tool from the Tools Panel.
  2. Click on the Artboard to create the beginning of your curved line.
  3. Click on the Artboard again to create the end of your curved line.
  4. Drag your cursor from the beginning to the end of the curved line.
  5. Release your mouse button when you are satisfied with your curved line.
  6. Select the Direct Selection Tool from the Tools Panel.
  7. Select the Anchor Point at the beginning and end of your curved line.
  8. Drag your cursor to adjust the curve of the line.
  9. Release your mouse button when you are satisfied with the curved line.

For further assistance with drawing curved lines, refer to this video:

How To Set Lines At An Angle In InDesign?

To set lines at an angle:

  1. Select the Line tool in the Toolbox.
  2. Click and drag to create the line on the page.
  3. Select the Convert Direction Point tool in the Toolbox.
  4. Click on the line to select it.
  5. Click and drag the direction point to rotate the line to the desired angle.
  6. Release the mouse to set the angle.

How To Rotate Lines In InDesign?

To rotate lines: 

  1. Select the Rotate tool from the Tools panel.
  2. Select the line you created and click on the page to set its center point.
  3. Drag the line to the desired angle.
  4. Release the mouse button when the line is rotated to the desired angle.

How To Customize Lines In InDesign?

Now that the lines have been drawn and curved, you can add some spice. InDesign allows you to add color, weight, gradient, and several other designs to your lines. Below we have walked you through all your options. 

  1. Select the line you want to customize.
  2. Choose a stroke color, weight, and style in the Control panel.
  3. In the Appearance panel, adjust the line’s opacity, blend mode, and other effects.
  4. In the Stroke panel, adjust the line’s cap and corner style, start and end points, and dashes.
  5. In the Effects panel, adjust the line’s warp, rotate, scale, and other transformations.
  6. In the Graphics Frame Options panel, adjust the line’s corner radius, transparency, and other settings.

How To Curve Text In InDesign?

Did you know you cannot just curve lines in InDesign? It allows you to curve text as well. To achieve this, follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Select the Type Tool by clicking the “T” icon in the Tools palette.
  2. Click and drag the cursor across the page to create a text box.
  3. Enter the text.
  4. With the Type Tool selected, click on the text to highlight it.
  5. Select the Pen Tool from the Tools palette.
  6. With the Pen Tool, click and drag around the text to create a curved path.
  7. Once the path is complete, click the Selection Tool icon in the Tools palette.
  8. Select the text box and the curved path.
  9. Go to the Object menu and select Text Frame Options.
  10. Check the box next to “Create Warped Text” and select “Arc” as the warp type.
  11. Adjust the sliders to customize the curve of the text.
  12. Click OK.
  13. The text will now be curved along the path.


You have successfully learned your lines. Do not hesitate to use these in your designs wherever you see fit. You can rotate them at any angle you want and increase the curvature. It is both fun to do and to incorporate into designs.