How to Make a Free T-Shirt Mockup with

How to Make a Free T-Shirt Mockup with

If you have ever come to the point in your life where you felt that merchandise was needed for your business or your brand, you know it can be frustrating to try and find something that works for you. You want something that is easy but also does not cost a whole lot of money.

Can you make a free t-shirt mockup with You can make a free t-shirt mockup with by clicking on their “free mockup” tab on their homepage. With your subscription, you also get some other advantages as well.

When you own a business or a group of any kind, you know it can become expensive, especially if you are first starting out. However, there a lot of free resources to help you, especially if you are just starting out. The first place to look is

The Site has an amazing array of products that can help you achieve whatever direction you are trying to go. From t-shirts to other apparel items like hoodies, to mugs, to totes, to videos, literally nearly everything that you can think of.

Free Mockups Tab

There is a tab on the home page that says, “Free Mockups.” This is where they have every one of their free templates for mockups listed. Scroll down their list and click “T-shirt.” Then, pick the one that you are looking for.


Even with the free mockups, you have plenty to choose from. Do not rush or settle for something that you do not want. Go through every possible option, and see what best suits you. There is no limit to the number of times you can change something on your mockup.

Choose a Shirt

The first step is actually choosing the shirt, whether you are searching for children sizes, adult sizes, for men, women, boys, or girls. You can always choose your “majority” choice and get specifics when you are ready to actually order your product.


You can add text to your shirt. However, be aware of how much text you are putting on your shirt. Too much can distract from your logo, and it defeats the purpose of your message on your t-shirt.


There is a box that states, “Change Me,” this is where you will enter the text you want on your shirt. Remember to keep it simple and to the point.

Font Style

Here you can change the font style to fit your style or brand. Keep in mind that your font also helps in delivering your message as well. Certain fonts, added with everything else, convey emotion and a certain message.


There are so many color options to choose from; however, choose wisely. You do not want the color of the font to blend in into your background image on your shirt, nor do you want your color to be hard to read. Make sure to check out all of your options.


Graphics make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a message across. Between the placement, the graphic itself, and the possible text in it, it can be just as powerful as a billboard. At any rate, your customers are walking advertisements.  

Choose picture

This is your primary focus if you want to put one on a shirt. Remember, some messages do not need pictures, and sometimes, only the picture is needed to convey a message. Choose a clean, clear, but bold picture to get your message out.


Cropping allows you to better fit a section of your photo to fit in the template that will later be printed on your shirt properly. If you only need a piece of your photo, this can also help. Make sure that whatever you do, you are staying true to your message. You have no way of “confusing” the viewer.


You have many different color options, as well. This will help give a more blended uniform look to your entire shirt. It can also help your message and image stand out a bit more. You do, however, want to be careful that the color of your shirt does not overpower the primary pieces; this will cause people to miss your message.  

Order Options has subscriber options that allow you to save time and money if you frequently are facing the need for mockups, logos, videos, and more. They want to make sure that not only are you satisfied with your first product but that you are covered throughout your entire journey of life and business.

Single Mockup Option

If you choose to get only one mockup, it can run you about $8 to download and use their single mockup. However, there are options to get it for a cheaper rate, especially if you are going to be using more of their services for other items or areas of your project.


Subscriptions offer such an amazing deal sometimes, especially concerning business items, logos, and advertising in general. If you have employees or other individuals that are going in with you, you have to be mindful not to charge them too much.


They offer a monthly subscription, which gives you an unlimited amount of mockups with over thirteen thousand templates available and unlimited designs available as well. This ranges from mockups to videos and even logos. They offer this at $14.95 a month for normal website visitors, but now All Free Mockups users get a 15% off discount!


The yearly subscription offers the same benefits; however, it does make it cheaper to do the yearly subscription. Where the monthly subscription would be $14.95, the yearly subscription breaks down to $8.33, making about a $6 cut each month. All Free Mockups users get 15% off this plan too!

Advertising Average

There are so many businesses popping everywhere, and there are many aspects of advertising that need to be addressed. Being able to cut costs where needed can be extremely helpful. The average cost for just advertisement for a small business can vary but can cost the average of nine to ten thousand dollars per month strictly on their online advertising campaigns. This does not include promotional outside advertisements and products.

Promotional Products

Promotional products can be used for many types of things. They can be used as giveaway items to simply get the business name out in the world. They can also be used by company employees or volunteers to strike questions from others. The question of where they got a certain product from or who the name on the product is. These are all ways of getting in leads. With shirts, it is like having walking and talking billboards that could also bring in leads. It only takes one person to make one huge difference in one day.

Promotional Product Budget

Promotional products can become expensive, so choosing the right ones can make a difference in the leads that you may (or may not) get with your products. There are billions of dollars spent on promotional products on average for thousands of businesses.


Plan before buying. When looking at promotional products or anything of that sort to advertise for business, find out what products would work best with your business. Do the research and find out exactly what would be beneficial to your people. If you are starting a clothing store for teens, chances are they are not going to find pens or anything like really useful. However, they may find a shirt or a bag much more useful and may use it more, therefore spreading your name more.


When you go out of your way to find out what is best for your customers, you are also trying to build relationships. Relationships are so important in business. If, for some reason, the product you are selling needs to be raised in price, there comes a choice in the customers’ minds. They can either stick with someone they know and trust, or they can find somewhere cheaper. They say, “never go to bed angry,” and in this case, you never want to leave a customer angry. It tends to carry just like a bad break up.

Thank You

Promotional products, or products that are personalized for your client, is a great way to not only show appreciation but really an inexpensive way of showing love and appreciation. This type of appreciation helps concrete your client or customer and also helps keep their business in the future. The more a customer or client feels appreciated and loved, they will not only return to do even more business with you, but they will also bring friends and family along with them. With this, they feel that family connections both in their personal lives but also their family.

Word of Mouth

They say, “a man’s word is his bond.” While it may not fully mean everything that statement says, it does show that word of mouth can make a difference. When one person tells another person about something they experienced, especially if they are a trustworthy person, chances are they will be visiting shortly after. It is a free way of getting leads to your business, so why not build relationships with your clients and spoil them occasionally.