How to Make a Logo Brush In Illustrator

Logo brushes are an easy way to add some personal touch to your Illustrator project. Unfortunately, the standard brushes given by Adobe are, at best, passable and, at worst, a series of dots that make no sense. So how do you make a brush in Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator has the best functionality of vector graphics software but can also be difficult for people to use and understand. A lot of time and effort is involved in becoming proficient with the software. Don’t sweat it! Read on and learn how to make a logo brush in Adobe Illustrator.

Making a Logo Brush In Illustrator

Illustrator is one of those programs where you can make your dreams a reality. There are tools for creating images and text that can make logos for your start-up for invitations for an anniversary or birthday party. Creating a logo brush is helpful if you want to add flair to your lettering or a personal touch to your content.

Create Your Brush

Creating your brush is tons of fun. It is also a great way to learn what the power of Illustrator can accomplish. There are ways to create shapes and patterns that can make a one-of-a-kind logo that you can use as a watermark for pictures or graphic art.

Some of the functions to use while creating your brush are:

  • Effects – There are ways to change the appearance of the line that borders your shape. The effects panel allows you to choose several pattern alterations for the shape’s stroke. Effects are fun to play with, and the preview gives an idea of what the effect does to your brush pattern.
  • Pathfinder – Another excellent tool for stroking your letters and shapes is Pathfinder. It allows you to join or exclude sections of the line. Then, it takes those lines and makes a solid shape that can contain different colors.

The number of ways you can alter the stroke of your brushes is impressive. It opens up the creative toolbox and lets you enhance your projects with personal touches that could be the basis for a successful brand and business. Be sure to save the item, as you will come back to retrieve it later.

Use the Brush Panel

The Brush panel is a good area that will allow you to alter and add brushes to your arsenal of Illustrator tricks. It can be found in the Window panel and will have tons of other options alongside it. If you have trouble finding it, you can press F5.

The steps to create a brush in the Brushes panel are as follows:

  • Click + – The first thing to do is add the new brush. By clicking on the + button, you open the next screen and can choose what kind of brush you want. Ensure you know what brush you want to use, as you have more options than the one you saved previously.
  • Brush Type – There are a few different types of brushes you can choose from. The one we are looking for is Pattern Brush. It is one of the most difficult to make, but the pattern we designed earlier will solve the worst part of the equation.
  • Get Cracking – Once you have chosen your brush, you should be able to get out there and get to work. All you have to do to use the brush is to click on it and move the color in the area where you want it to appear.
  • Editing – It might seem like a weird time to edit, but you should understand that too much of a thing can be the death of a design. Learn to be sparing but effective with your coloring; doing a final edit is an intelligent way to ensure your success.

Illustrator can be intimidating. The number of windows it brings up and the options in each drop-down menu show all the roots of a grand tree of functionality. However, remember that nothing on the software can’t be undone, so being intimidated is more about a lack of knowledge than fear of catastrophic errors.


Creating a Logo Brush in Illustrator is a straightforward job once you know how to navigate the drop-downs. The most important thing to do is to make the brush you will use. If you have a logo in mind, you could save it and choose it later. Illustrator has a step-by-step process to get your feet wet if you need to design one.

Once your brush is ready, add it and give it a unique name. You can easily pull it from the list of options populated by giving it a unique name. No matter what you name it, your logo brush created with Adobe Illustrator will improve your designs by leaps and bounds.