How to Make a Pen Mockup in Placeit

How to Make a Pen Mockup in Placeit

Pens are an excellent option for marketing, with having a name and phone number written on a pen being an easy way to spread the name of your business. Luckily, companies like Placeit allow for pen mockups so that you can see the pen before purchasing it.

Regardless of your reason for wanting a pen, Placeit is the perfect starting point. This article will detail why Placeit is an excellent option for creating pen mockups while also detailing how to create a pen mockup and logo options.

Pen Details

Before you create a mockup for your pen design, you will need a logo or the text you want to be written and advertised on the pen. Doing this is one of the most critical factors because the customer will only see the information provided. Through the mockup, you will see exactly how the pen will look with the information you provide.

There are three essential characteristics to follow to ensure an excellent pen mockup, which are:

  • The font
  • The text size
  • The demographic that the pen will be targeting

Before you begin designing your pen mockup on Placeit, these are critical things to keep in mind.


Creating text on a pen can be a simple way to advertise your company’s brand and phone number to potential clients. Having the right font is one of the essential factors, something simple and easy to read is the best option.

Keep the font as clean and straightforward as possible to ensure that people can read it without any issues. If you use a curved or squiggly font, it can become difficult to read the information on the pen. If the customer cannot read the font, or if the font is not an ideal size, then you will not reach all the customers possible.

Text Size

Like the type of font, the font size is important when creating a pen with text, so you need to consider the font size when creating your mockup. You want the customer using your pen to be able to clearly and easily read the text. After all, this can include things like:

  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number

If the text is not easy to read, then you could be losing potential business. Having text that is too small on the pen will prevent people from reading the information, and if the text is too big, it will not fit on the pen correctly.

Placeit is excellent because it gives the user the ability to see exactly what the pen can look like in the mockup stages, avoiding most clarity issues.


The target audience is significant when designing anything, posing the questions you are trying to reach your product or service. Specific themes and aesthetics target different demographics. Placeit has many different colors to choose from and other places to incorporate colors on the pen.

If your brand is colorful and fun, maybe use a two-colored type of pen mockup. If you are trying to target a more serious demographic, sticking with dark neutral colors is ideal. Make sure to create a mockup that applies to the target audience.

Making a Mockup

After deciding on the text and the demographic that you want the pen to appeal to, the next step is to pick what type of pen to use for the mockup. Placeit has thousands of options for pen-based mockups, genuinely catering to everyone’s needs.

Finding the style mockup that is suited to you and your client’s needs is easy to do with the ability to search through the catalog to see what type of designs are available.

Placeit has many different options for each mockup, such as the pen color and the background color. You can even add objects such as a roll of tape, clips, and tacks to the photo, creating a nice image to go with your design.

Everything in the mockup is customizable, including all the items’ colors, which allows for the mockup and photo to be tailored to your design needs. There are mockup samples for any requirement that might be needed for a project, with thousands of options.

Pen Type

There are many different selections of pens to choose from, which allows the ability to select a pen that relates to your brand and message in the mockup. Having the options can ease the worry about creating the perfect image because Placeit probably has the picture.

Some of the types of pens they offer to be used in mockups are:

  • Eco-Friendly Mockup
  • Stylist at the End Mockup
  • Two Colors Mockup
  • Heavier Material Mockup

Having access to different pen types and styles allows your mockup to be customizable to meet your design needs. If a client runs an eco-based brand, creating a mockup that includes the eco-friendly pen with green hues and plants is a great way to target them.

Placeit Fees

Placeit offers a free account, but they also offer a premium account for either $15 a month or $100 annually. Although the website is free to subscribe to, you will only get access to their limited free library of mockup templates if you choose to stay on a free plan.

For anyone looking to create many different types of mockups, investing in the subscription for Placeit might be the best option. Using the site is very easy and straightforward compared to other mockup websites, making for a great reason to invest in the subscription.

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A great feature when using Placeit is the ability to customize almost all the parts when creating the mockup. You could choose from thousands of pre-styled photos with a pen in the picture, then:

  • Import your graphics
  • Add your text
  • Choose the colors

There are mock photos for almost every circumstance. Something as simple as a pen can have many options to create a unique feeling. From a simple pen to multiple pens dropping mid-air, Placeit can create a mock for whatever you need.

Creating A Logo

Placeit has its logo creator, an excellent option for people that do not have a lot of experience creating logos. Their logos can cater to all types of brands, and their pre-designed logos can give inspiration to a brand that has not found a logo yet.

From a kid’s education, gaming, or a clothing shop, pick a design you like and customize it to fit your business and style. Placeit is an excellent option for people who do not have a design background or do not want to pay for a graphic designer to create a logo.

If you are not sure what style of logo you are looking to create, the option to look at thousands of other companies is a great way to get inspiration. They showcase many different companies and color palette ideas, which can be a great way to experiment with the ideas and styles for your logo or company design.

Why Placeit

Placeit offers excellent tools for creating mockups, including things like:

  • Pens
  • Shirts
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Online Banners

They provide a wide variety of products. The ability to also develop logos that can be applied to your mockup is a great addition. The price to use Placeit services is much lower than using separate logo creation services if you are also creating mockups.

Overall, customization is one of the best reasons to use Placeit to change its colors, background, and any other placements in the mockup.

With Placeit, the challenges of creating a high-quality mockup are easier. Through this site, comfortable and quality work is produced.