How To Make A Star In InDesign

You know the basic shapes, right? The star is right there next to them when it comes to important shapes that have an impact. 

To make a star in InDesign, use the polygon tool, draw a polygon, select the number of sides to 5, and set the Star Inset to 50%. You will have a star.

Keep reading to learn more ways to make stars and use keyboard shortcuts. 

How To Use The Polygon Tool To Make A Star In InDesign?

To use the Polygon tool to make a star in InDesign, follow these steps:

  1. Open the InDesign file you want to use for your star.
  2. Select the Polygon tool from the Tools panel. 
  3. Click and immediately release your mouse on the canvas. 
  4. The options will open up. 
  5. Here, you will see the Polygon width, height, number of sides, and Star Inset. 
  6. Leave the width and height as it is, and insert the number of sides to 5 or more. 
  7. Then set the Star Inset. The greater the Star inset, the more the polygon will look like a star. We recommend 50%, but you can experiment until you find what you think is best. 
  8. Now click OK, and a star will appear. 

For more assistance, watch this video: 

How To Add Multiple Stars In The Same Shape?

Drawing multiple stars individually is too much work. We bring you a method of drawing a grid of stars with some shortcuts. 

  1. Select the Polygon Tool. 
  2. Click and release the mouse. 
  3. In the dialogue box, enter the preferred settings. 
  4. Now click on the canvas and drag. 
  5. Without releasing the mouse, click the Up arrow key from your keyboard to add more stars above the star.
  6. If you want to add stars on the right side of the star, you can use the right arrow.
  7. To delete the stars, click the down arrow key to delete stars from above and the left arrow key to delete the stars on the right. 

How To Add Sides To The Star Using Keyboard Options In InDesign?

If you have already set the number of sides to your star but want to increase the number, here is how to do it. 

  1. Click on the canvas and drag your mouse. 
  2. Before releasing it, press the spacebar and then the Up arrow key. 
  3. If you want to decrease the number of sides, press the Down arrow key. 
  4. Release the mouse once you are done. 

How To Increase Star Inset Using Keyboard Options In InDesign?

To increase the Star Inset, use the keyboard keys:

  1. Click on the canvas and drag. 
  2. Before releasing the mouse, tap the spacebar.
  3. Without releasing the mouse, tap the right arrow key to increase the star inset. 
  4. To decrease the star inset, tap the left arrow key. 
  5. Once you are satisfied with the shape, release the mouse.

How To Make Stars Symmetrical In InDesign?

For stars to look visually appealing, they need to be symmetrical. Each side must correspond with the other. This may not seem very clear, but carrying out this process in InDesign is very easy. 

  1. Click and drag on the canvas without releasing the mouse. 
  2. While you are still holding the mouse, tap the shift key. 
  3. Your star will have perfect symmetry. 

How To Change The Size Of The Stars In InDesign?

Did you drag your cursor too far away, and you made a star bigger than the one you wanted? Please do not fret; you can change its size once you are done. To do so:

  1. Select the star which you would like to alter. 
  2. A rectangular shape would appear on its sides. 
  3. On the corners are small circles. Take your cursor here. 
  4. Drag the circle outwards or inwards as you would like. 
  5. If you want to be more precise, look at the measurements given in the W and H columns in the panel on top. 
  6. Change the number to whatever you think is best for your design. 

How To Fill The Stars With Colors InDesign?

More than making stars is required; you need to fill them in with the right color. To fill the stars with colors in Adobe InDesign, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the star shape or text object you want to color.
  2. Choose the Fill tool from the toolbar and click on the desired Color.
  3. Choose the Stroke tool from the toolbar and click on the desired line width.
  4. Drag the color slider to adjust the intensity of the Color. 


Look at that. You are not just taking away information about how to make pretty stars but also how to incorporate the usage of your keyboard to use shortcuts. These can save you plenty of time and speed up operations.