How To Make A Table In Canva

We have all made tables in Microsoft Excel, which has been hassle-free. It may seem difficult to carry in Canva, but do not worry. We have guides for you to make the process easier. Besides, Canva provides you with better customization options. 

To make a table in Canva, use a calendar template and edit it. You can also build it from scratch by introducing multiple small squares to make rows and copying them. The Table feature can also be utilized to create a pre-built table. 

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Why Are Tables Used In Design?

Tables are an integral part of the design. Here are some reasons why adding tables to your designs may be a good idea:

Organization – The ultimate goal of a table is to organize. Organizing elaborate information in a small table makes processing easier; it removes excessive and unnecessary information. 

Navigation – A design that has tables in it is easier to navigate. Tables often stand out and attract attention, helping users to access the information they require sooner. 

Displaying Data – Tables make the display of data easier and more appealing. Everybody is scared of numbers, but people resonate with them more when they are shown in a table form. 

Provide Readability – Information displayed through a table is easier to read and understand than information in sentences. 

Making A Table In Canva Using A Template

Canva has a template for everything. It saves time and helps you to accomplish tasks when you have a time crutch. To make a table in Canva using a template:

  1. Open your design in Canva.
  2. Go to the Templates tab.
  3. Search for Calendar. 
  4. Open the calendar that looks best to you. 
  5. You will see that everything is editable. 
  6. Keep the table and delete everything else. 
  7. On the top, click the Ungroup button. Each cell will be editable separately. 
  8. You may edit each cell as you wish and use the table as you see fit. 

Limitations Of Using A Calendar Template To Make A Table In Canva

Shortcuts always come with a small price. Using a calendar template is easier, but: 

  • You cannot add rows and columns. 
  • You are restricted to a specific design. 
  • The design of the table feels like it could be more personal. 

Making A Table In Canva From Scratch

You can start from scratch if you are willing to invest time and energy into a table. To do so, follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Open up a blank page. 
  2. Add a background color from the Background panel. 
  3. Now go to Element and search for shapes. 
  4. Find a square and add it to the background. Resize it to make it as big as you would like your cell to be. 
  5. Align your first cell in the safe zone to know the dimension you want to stay within.
  6. With the first cell selected, click Copy on the top panel. 
  7. Keep copying and setting your cells to form a horizontal row. 
  8. Once the row is in place, click Group from the top panel. 
  9. Once grouped, select the row and copy it.
  10. Paste it underneath as many times as you wish to form a table. 
  11. When complete, select everything and click Group.

How To Add Rows In A Table In Canva?

To add rows to your table:

  1. Select your entire table. 
  2. Click Ungroup.
  3. Now select all the cells in a row. 
  4. Click Group.
  5. Select the row, and click Copy.
  6. Paste the row below another to add a new row to the table. 

How To Add Columns In A Table In Canva?

To add columns to your table:

  1. Select your entire table. 
  2. Click Ungroup.
  3. Now select all the cells in a column. 
  4. Click Group.
  5. Select the grouped column, and click Copy.
  6. Paste the column next to another to add a new one. 

How To Make A Table In Canva Using The Table Element?

Canva introduced a new feature called the Table feature. This may not be available to some people, but we have a guide for you if you have one. 

  1. Open a new document in Canva.
  2. Go to Elements. 
  3. Search for Tables. 
  4. Here you will find a variety of tables. Pick the one that you would like. 
  5. Click on the three dots next to the table to add rows and columns.
  6. The menu would open up, and you can add a row or a column here. 
  7. To delete rows and columns, click on the three dots again and choose what you want to delete. 
  8. You may resize the table, columns, and rows. 

For more help, watch this video


Tables are a great way to add structure and help your viewer navigate the design better. Once you know how to make tables, you can copy and paste the templates to recreate them in future designs.