How To Make A Transparent Background In PicMonkey

Are the colors of your text and your background clashing in your design? This can be a nuisance and may need clarification. Sometimes designs work better with no background. A background is often unnecessary, especially if the design is to be printed on items. Try the transparent background tool in PicMonkey to achieve this. 

To remove the background from designs with text, select your background layer, go to the Background Tools, and click Background Color. Here, check the Transparent option. You will be done. 

To learn more about what PicMonkey offers and how to make use of tools that help enhance your designs, continue reading. This article further explains the benefits of transparent backgrounds in graphic design and how to remove the background from images. 

Why Are Transparent Backgrounds Useful In Graphic Designing? 

Transparent backgrounds are mostly used in graphic designing, especially in logos and packaging designs to put on mugs or merchandise. 

Multiple Levels In Design

Multiple layers of elements like texts, shapes, and pictures can be built when the background is transparent. Depth and dimension can be added to designs. A visually appealing design is made where viewers may focus on certain elements that attract them. 

Adds Space

The absence of background and opacity gives an illusion of increased space. By overlapping and blending, multiple texts and images may be added in a limited canvas area. This also helps in the organization of elements and gives off a clear look.  

Helpful In Packaging Designs

We all appreciate the packaging, which helps us look at the product. When backgrounds are kept transparent, the product is visible through the packaging. The product attracts its own customer base and speaks for itself. Some text or pictures with information may still be added to the packaging, but the area of focus for customers would be the product. 


The depth of designs can be beautiful. Overprinting in this context refers to adding texts and images on top of each other in varying colors and fonts. This removes any hierarchy between the two and provides equal emphasis on both. Visually, it looks appealing, and viewers often appreciate it. 

How To Make A Transparent Background In Designs With Text?

Are you looking to make a PNG file where the background is entirely transparent? You can do this in PicMonkey if your PNG file only contains the text for absolutely no cost! Sounds great. The instructions given below will guide you through the process. 

  1. Open your design. 
  2. Add the text that you would like to have on your design. 
  3. Once you are done, select the Background Layer.
  4. Go to the Background Tools menu and click Background Color. 
  5. Place a checkmark next to Transparent. 
  6. The background will be removed. 

Does PicMonkey Allow Removal Of Background In Images?

PicMonkey has a free version accessible to all users and provides ease for every level. However, the premium, paid version is where the app offers multiple other features that enhance your designs. 

One such feature is the removal of background from images. Pro subscribers of PicMonkey get access to a tool that makes the backgrounds of images transparent. Sadly, free users do not get this. 

How To Remove The Background From Pictures In PicMonkey?

If you have a picture that you want to erase the background of while keeping the subject visible only, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the image in PicMonkey.
  2. Go to Background ToolS.
  3. Click on the Remove Bkgnd option. 
  4. The background will be erased in a while.
  5. If your picture is not eligible for background removal, an error will appear. 

How To Remove The Background From Pictures In A Design In PicMonkey?

Designs often include multiple layers. Some of these layers may have images in them. If you want to remove the background from an image and make it transparent, follow these steps.

  1. Locate the layer that contains the image. 
  2. In the Layers panel, select the image layer. 
  3. Open the Image Tools.
  4. Select Remove Bkgnd. 
  5. Your image will not have a background now. 

How To Remove The Background From Pictures For Free In PicMonkey?

It is okay if you cannot get the premium version of PicMonkey. We have got you, and we will guide you through the process of removing the background from an image. This is more work and less seamless than the Pro version provides. 

  1. Open the app. 
  2. Add your picture to the canvas. 
  3. Zoom into the picture as much as you can.
  4. Choose the Eraser tool. 
  5. Begin erasing the background till you are satisfied. 
  6. Once you are done, save it as a PNG. 

To help you guide through this process further, watch this video:


You are armed with one of the necessary tools that you need to enhance and improve your designs. Printing designs without backgrounds are also very seamless. Transparency is great in real life but even better in design.