How To Make A Trapezoid In Illustrator

If you’ve ever needed to make a trapezoid in Adobe Illustrator and glanced at the shape tools, you may have been left surprised. After all, while you have a rectangle, polygon, ellipse, and star, there is no such thing as a trapezoid shape tool. So, if you are in a situation where you need to make a trapezoid shape in Illustrator, what should you do?

There are three main ways to make the trapezoid shape in Adobe Illustrator. This involves making the trapezoid from a rectangle tool, from the polygon tool, or even freehanding with the pen tool. These methods vary by complexity and can give you different kinds of options if you want to create different shapes.

If you are ready to start making trapezoids on your Adobe Illustrator software, you are looking at the right resource. Join us as we dive into three methods that can allow you to create this fascinating shape and how using the built-in vector tools can allow you to create all kinds of shapes! So keep reading to learn more about the versatile shapes tool in Illustrator!

How To Create A Trapezoid In Illustrator

There Is no trapezoid shape in Illustrator, but this shouldn’t hold you back. There are three methods with which you can create a whole new trapezoid, and all you need to do is use the built-in shapes tool. The methods can cater to different levels of difficulty, so make sure you choose one that works best for you!

Using The Rectangle Shape Tool

The first method we will discuss is relatively simple and uses the rectangle shape tool already in the Illustrator software. Here are the steps you need to know:

  1. Run Illustrator on your computer and open up a file.
  2. Now, choose the Rectangle Tool from the Illustrator toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut M to get the tool active.
  3. Click and drag on the canvas to create a new rectangle shape. 
  4. Select the Direct Selection Tool on the toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut A to get the tool active.
  5. Once the tool is active, click the top of the rectangle, so you have selected the two corner points at the very top. 
  6. Use the Scale Tool from the toolbar or the keyboard shortcut S. 
  7. Click outside the shape, and then drag upwards.
  8. This will scale the two selected points.

As you will see on your canvas, this creates the trapezoid shape you are looking for. If you want to see a video version of this process, here is an excellent option:

Using A Polygon Shape Tool

Next, you can always use the polygon tool to create a trapezoid. Here’s how this works:

  1. Launch Illustrator and open up the file in question, or start a new one.
  2. Now, click the Polygon Tool from the shapes tool menu.
  3. Hold down shift, and then click and drag to create a polygon.
  4. Now, choose the Delete Anchor Point Tool or use the keyboard shortcut.
  5. Hold down Shift, and then click the polygon’s corners at the bottom. 

You will now be able to get a trapezoid shape, but you may need some adjustments. If you want to adjust the other anchors, use the Direct Selection Tool (the keyboard shortcut is A).

Using The Pen Tool

Finally, the last way to create a trapezoid is to use the Pen Tool on Illustrator to create your own custom shape. This may need some adjustment, but it is an excellent way to create trapezoid shapes quickly, and you can even make it a custom shape in Illustrator! Here’s how this works:

  1. Launch Illustrator, and open up a new file.
  2. Now, activate the Pen Tool, or use the keyboard shortcut P for the same result.
  3. Create five anchor points in the shape of a trapezoid.
  4. Ensure the last click connects to the first and closes the pathway.

And there you have it! You will now have a trapezoid! Remember, a perfect trapezoid does not have any right angles, so one way to get around making the ideal shape is to make two right-angled shapes and combine them using the shape builder tool. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! There are three methods you can use to create a trapezoid shape, and with the right amount of practice, you will be able to create them in no time! This article was helpful in exploring the shape tools on Illustrator; you now have the power to create trapezoids whenever you want!