How To Make A YouTube Logo With Placeit

How To Make A YouTube Logo With Placeit

A distinguished logo and recognizable name are two things that every YouTube creator should have. Placeit is an online design service where creators can make and edit their banners and logos with relative ease. It offers easy to use tools that can be learned in minutes and create sleek designs that stand out from the competition.

The process of making a logo for a YouTube channel using Placeit is an easy one. To create your logo, you’ll need a Placeit account and an overall idea of how you want your logo to appear. After using Placeit’s software to design the logo, you’re ready to purchase and download.

Creating a logo is just the first step in establishing a recognizable channel on YouTube. If you’re ready to take the plunge and become a YouTube sensation, stick around. Everything you need to know about making a YouTube logo using Placeit is coming right up. Just keep reading.

How to Make a YouTube Logo with Placeit

Placeit is a fantastic option for creating a YouTube logo. If you follow any influencers on YouTube, you know just how important the logo is to the channel. Placeit also has instant downloads, so you can have your logo ready for action on your channel right away!

To make your own YouTube logo with Placeit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and log in or create an account. The account itself is free, plus there are several free or low-cost options for downloading the actual design.
  2. Click on the Logo Maker button under the Logos Tab, or select a subheading that goes with your style and vision.
  3. Type in your brand or channel name. This can be changed later and will help format the image.
  4. Choose an industry that applies. YouTubers are a supported industry.
  5. Decide upon a graphic style, refining the design via the drop boxes. Creators can narrow down pictures by searching for specific or theme-specific images.
  6. Edit the colors, image, text style, and placement of the logo. This step will most likely take the longest.
  7. Hit the download button and choose a purchase option (or download free if you used a free template). You’re ready to use your new logo!

How Big Is a YouTube Channel Logo?

The minimum size for a profile image is 98×98 pixels, with the recommended size being 800×800 pixels and no larger than 4mb in size. YouTube uses round images for their logos.

For a banner, the image should be no smaller than 2048 x 1152 and YouTube themselves recommending the banner be 2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels tall.

These dimensions are fundamental when using Placeit or any other logo generation software. As the banner is a large rectangle and channel images are square or round, an undersized or improperly made image can become distorted. A stretched or squashed logo can appear muddy and unreadable, defeating all of the effort put into creating it.

Why Have a Channel Logo?

A professional logo can go a long way to presenting a professional YouTube channel. A personalized logo is a great way to display creativity and help you stand out from other YouTubers. Having a distinct image will help viewers remember you and your channel.

There is a point to the most famous brands having their logos plastered all over products and marketing. The main reason being that a recognizable logo paired with a unique name easily stands at the front of an audience’s mind. For example, the Nike Swoosh is a remarkable yet straightforward and effective logo that almost any audience can recognize.

Things to Remember When Creating a Logo

If you want to create a memorable logo representing your channel, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a great start.

Text Choice

The readability of a brand is essential, and choosing a font representing the brand is vital. Decorative or script fonts can be hard to read and often blend into the background. Using a bold font and with clean lines can be easily comprehended.


According to the Interaction Design Foundation in their article on Color Theory, “The right contrast is vital to catching users’ attention in the first place.”

Using complementary colors and avoiding a monochromatic design can also make a logo more accessible for impaired eyesight or color blindness.


A short blurb that describes the brand or the channel’s mission statement. The slogan usually is smaller than and below the name on the logo. The statement should be clear and concise and a direct reflection of what your channel is all about.


The image on your logo, or brand mark, should also reflect whatever your channel, or you as the creator, represents. Using an image that is not emblematic of the content is confusing and misleading.


Ensuring that the image, text, colors, and overall picture are not overly complicated is essential. Logos for YouTube are the first thing someone sees on your channel, so a brand with an icon that is too busy or hard to read is wasted on most viewers.


There are many websites and business uses for a logo. Getting your logo out there is a great way to make sure your name is the one that sticks in viewers’ minds. Here are some other places you can use your new Placeit logo:

  • Business cards
  • Social media profiles
  • Email signatures
  • Website headers

What to Do After Creating A Logo?

After generating a well-defined logo, you can upload it directly to the site by clicking on the “edit profile picture” button. YouTube will update both the channel and associated Gmail address. To present a more artistic flair, after setting up the logo, you can even update in these places:

  • Banner
  • Thumbnails
  • End cards

What Exactly is Placeit for YouTube?

Placeit as a platform is a multiuse tool for creators. It offers services for YouTube, even beyond creating logos. The video editing dropdown menu offers a wide range of tools that creators can use to make slideshow style videos or animated intros right in the browser.

In addition to logos and channel banners, Placeit is intended to be used by YouTube producers for several other critical aesthetic pieces. There is an editor that can generate title and end cards for consistently bookending videos.

Additionally, the site offers custom thumbnails to be created by uploading pictures or utilizing their extensive catalog of images.

These extra features are all included in the unlimited plan and make Placeit a one-stop-shop for creating a video for creators who are on a budget or enjoy doing the work of branding themselves.

Other Uses for Placeit

YouTube has plenty of support available for channel owners, but Placeit is a fantastic outside source to help build your resource library. The additional tools can help expand and further engage an audience with different creative products.


This tab comprises tools for displaying merchandise that can be used for marketing and store promotional purposes. Placeit can help you create designs for your own “merch,” so you’re not the only YouTuber without a t-shirt or sweatshirt to promote.


Placeit features a social media platform with an animated Instagram Stories creation suite and other tools for creating eye-catching posts.


In addition to the animated intros created for YouTube, creators can make a distinct overlay or custom panels for streaming descriptions.


Whether it is a book, album, or podcast cover, the generation tools are available to make distinguished designs.


Like logos, an easy to read and striking ad can make an enormous difference when introducing a product.

Final Thoughts

Placeit is a platform that offers professional and clean logos at a reasonable price. Hiring a professional artist can cost hundreds of dollars. Plus, they might only create a fraction of the possibilities you can easily do on your own with Placeit. PS: Here’s a Placeit 15% Off Coupon Code!

The ability to quickly build a professional looking logo look that fits with your theme is affordable and easy with Placeit. The addition of video and basic animation software makes it user-friendly and helps you expand viewership as the creator.