How to Make a YouTube Profile Picture Using Placeit

How to Make a YouTube Profile Picture Using Placeit

Making a YouTube profile picture can be a daunting task for people looking to start a new channel, but it does not have to be. has a wide selection of YouTube templates and starting designs for anyone interested in customizing an avatar for use.

Knowing some specific tips for navigating the site and resizing images to fit YouTube will help significantly for getting a profile picture. Read on for more information.

Finding the Best Template

Finding the best template for your profile picture will make the customization process much easier and result in a logo that you are happy with. Placeit provides many different ways to find the perfect template, including searching by keyword or using well-organized categories.

To find the best template for your YouTube logo, follow these steps:

  1. Use the logo category
  2. Select the subcategory most relevant to your channel
  3. Select a logo template that matches your style
  4. Customize

Alternatively, Placeit has a great logo maker page that walks you through the whole process and helps create a great product.

Using the Logo Category to Start

Almost any page on the website can be used as a starting point to find what you are looking for, but it’s often easier to begin using categories. Searching around the “logos” categories will likely provide the best results for a YouTube profile picture. A YouTube profile picture should be recognizable and noticeable at small sizes, much like a logo.

While some other services on Placeit can also be used to begin creating a profile picture, this is the best bet to hit the ground running. Otherwise, you will likely have to deal with resizing the images and formatting them correctly for use in a profile picture. Choosing from a predefined logo template handles all of the scaling already.

To find the logo category, go to the banner at the top of the page. The logo category is always the third one. Clicking it reveals a smaller dropdown menu of subcategories to help narrow down your results even further.

Finding the Right Subcategory

The number of subcategories available on Placeit can be staggering, but they are well-organized and full of quality templates. Categories range from describing a type of business, such as restaurant, or a style, such as abstract. Placeit also has a section where you can choose to search only through 100% free logos if you are unsure about paying right now. If you have something particular in mind, find the category that most correlates with it and begin searching.

Otherwise, consider what your YouTube channel is about or what sort of videos are being made. For instance, consider a cooking channel. While there isn’t a cooking category right now, there are categories for catering and restaurants, which likely have a similar feel. Be creative!

Don’t feel stuck after choosing a category; if the results aren’t what you imagined, simply back out and choose a new one.

Choose A Template

Choosing the template that you will use for your profile picture is a simple step on the surface, but many factors are likely to weigh on your decision. Rather than getting stuck in the paralysis of choice, remember that nothing is set in stone; all parts of a template can be changed, and the process is quick enough that you can go back as far as needed.

With that said, choosing a logo that closely resembles something you want makes the process much easier. Focus on the graphics and text layout of the template rather than the colors or content. Things like what the text says and the colors used are the easiest things to customize, while finding new graphics or rearranging the order of things takes more time.

Hovering over the templates on the website also provides a quick preview of how they might be customized to show additional options if you’re unsure how it might come out. Doing this is a great way to quickly test how the template might look after some changes.


Customizing the template is really where your profile picture will become yours and represent the channel. You can choose to customize the:

  • Colors
  • Font
  • Graphic
  • Layout

Taking the time to search through some of the options and find fonts and graphics you really like are highly beneficial for getting a YouTube profile picture you’ll love. Knowing some basic design principles for customization can help create a great product. While it’s not necessary, understanding how colors work together or what makes a particular font good can help speed up the process.

Read A Guide to Choosing the Best Colors for Your Logo for more on choosing the right colors for your logo.

Thankfully, Placeit has a live view that shows you the changes you are making in real-time. If you don’t like a change, you can always revert it.

When you’re happy with the custom logo you made, you can easily download it and use it immediately. Depending on the template you chose, you may need to resize the logo, which can also be quickly done on Placeit.

How Do I Resize an Image to Custom Size?

Placeit automatically provides logo downloads at 4000×4000 pixels, which can be quite a large size. If you need to resize the image to fit on YouTube’s profile picture upload or just to save space, Placeit has a great online tool.

Alternatively, this is also a great option if you chose another template or want to crop an image down to use as the profile picture.

To use Placeit’s image cropper, start by simply uploading the image. After doing so, a small number of options will appear to make the process for cropping or resizing images simple. You can choose to resize an image using presets for various popular options or by entering specific dimensions.

The provided presets are fantastic for resizing to a YouTube profile picture or repurposing your channel’s picture into other uses like ads or banners. You can also see what dimensions are assigned to these presets to ensure that you are optimizing the size of the file.

If any of the presets does not provide the custom size you need, editing the dimensions is as simple as changing the numbers. As you make alterations, the live view of the crop will update so you can see the general shape.

Once you are happy with the shape and dimensions of your new size, you can begin resizing the image. If you plan to crop the picture at all, simply make sure that the parts you want to keep are inside the white dotted lines. Everything outside will be cut away when the new image is finalized.

Otherwise, the bar at the bottom lets you change the zoom level of the picture, and dragging around with your mouse will let you pan the image around so you can grab the perfect cut.


Creating a YouTube profile picture using is incredibly easy and intuitive. The website has several templates that creators can choose from, all easily separated by categories. If you have an idea for what you want the template to feature, you can search for specific keywords and begin the process that way.

After choosing a template (some of which are free!), you can begin customizing the template to match the name of your channel, color scheme, and graphics. It’s a quick process that, when done correctly, results in a great, professional-looking YouTube thumbnail.

If you need to resize the picture, or anything else, Placeit has an excellent online image cropper tool. It’s easy to use and includes presets for popular sizes for profile pictures or posting on various social media sights.