How to Make an Apparel Mockup With Your Design on

How to Make an Apparel Mockup With Your Design on is a great way to create a mockup for your entire line of clothing. makes it simple to put together images of your entire clothing line in only a few clicks, making it possible to display your entire line without having to keep inventory.

How do you make an apparel mockup with your design on Using your own design or by creating one with’s custom design generating program, you can create an apparel mockup in just a few short steps. Simply upload your image, customize the color and text, and download the finished result by choosing one of three inexpensive payment options.

The following steps will guide you through the simple steps you need to take to create a custom mockup. Although there are options for all types of clothing from t-shirts to leggings, for this example we will be using a T-shirt for our mockup. Let’s get started.

1. Getting Started

Before you commit to a subscription, gives you the ability to create your mockup to give you an idea of how your design will turn out. When you go to, click on T-shirts in the upper right-hand corner. Scroll down the page to see the available templates for you to try. These templates vary from images involving the garment alone or on a model.

2. Uploading Your Design Image

After you’ve selected the template for your mockup, you need to upload your design image. In the upper left-hand corner, click on Upload Image.  This will open your image files allowing you to choose an image for upload. Select the desired image and click Open. 

Once your image uploads, it will pop up on your screen, giving you the option to resize or crop the image.  If you happen to make a mistake in the editing process, don’t worry. Simply click reset and start over. Once the editing has completed, the image will pop up on the t-shirt completely centered.

3. Adding Text to Your Image

If you decide you would like to add some sort of text to your design, click on Add Text in the upper left-hand corner. You can add up to 50 characters to your design. After entering the text, you can select what font you want the text to appear in by selecting from the drop-down menu found beneath your text. You can even choose the color of both the text and the background. In most cases, you’ll probably want to choose the checkered box option for text background – this removes the background completely.

Once completed, your text will appear on the image, allowing you to both resize the text and move it to the desired location on the t-shirt. While you move text around, you’ll notice a purple line that seems to appear and disappear. This line marks the center of the t-shirt to help you with the placement of your text.

4. Personalizing the Mockup

In the upper-right hand corner, you will find an option to change the color of the t-shirt itself. Simply click on the drop-down menu to choose from a rainbow of options. You can play around with it until you find the perfect color.

There is an option just below that to add a stock graphic to your design or the background. This will give you the option to add a stock image provided by to either your design or logo if desired.

5. Choosing the Perfect Setting

Most of the templates already have a background, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. On the upper right-hand of the page, you are given the option to select a backdrop for your image. You can choose from a woodsy setting, bricks – virtually anything. You can always play with backgrounds until you find the perfect setting.

If you decide you would rather not add a backdrop, you can choose the color for the plain background itself. Have fun with it! That’s it! It’s that easy!

Making an Animated Mockup

If you want to get fancy, a video of your design on a model will show the movement of the garment in different settings. To try this out, select Video at the top of the page to get started. You can choose one of the many videos available to begin. You’ll follow the same process as mentioned above. The finished product will be in GIF animation style.

Different Types of Mockups

Not only is a great place to design mockups for clothing, but it also provides many other options as well. You can take your brand a step further by creating clothing labels, coffee cups, and other merchandise sporting your brand logo and more.

If you aren’t posting your brand on Facebook or Instagram, you are missing out on a lot of business. If designing adds on these platforms intimidates you, the Design tab offers options to create posts for both platforms. You can also create content for YouTube and Twitter as well. can also help you create banner ads as well. On this single website, you can design and brand an entire business easily and affordably.

Downloading Your Mockup

Your mockup is available for download in a few different ways. If you only want to make a single mockup design, you can download your completed piece ala cart by paying a one-time fee. If you plan on making more, you may want to consider a subscription option.

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There are two separate options concerning subscriptions. Both allow the option to cancel at any time. The first option is to pay by the month, but if you’d rather pay a lump sum for an entire year, the price is a little lower per month. As mentioned, you aren’t locked into a long term commitment.

Learning Tools

By visiting the FAQ page, you can access more helpful material to aid you in your creations. There are answers to the top questions from users as well as a decent amount of video tutorials to give you a step-by-step visual guide in using the site to its fullest potential.

You’ll quickly learn that you can do so much more than just garment mockups with this site. There is a design option to help you build and design your brand logo. By following a few steps, the system will generate several images that go along with your business name and industry. From there, you can customize as much as you want. In addition to creating a brand label, there are also tutorials to help create business and sports team logos as well.

You’ll also find tutorials to make T-shirt designs, business cards, and Facebook ad images. At the very bottom of the page, you find out how to download your mockup, as well as a few more advanced projects you can do with the site.

Putting It All Together

After playing around with the different options offered on the site, it’s easy to see the value of subscribing. Instead of making expensive prototypes or using a drop shipping site where you have to pay a percentage of profit per sale, one flat rate offers a limitless amount of options.

In short, is your partner to great apparel design and mockups. If you have more questions or want more info on payment options, you can call the customer service hotline found on the site to speak to a live representative who can answer all of your questions.