How To Make an iPhone Mockup in 3 steps on

How To Make an iPhone Mockup in 3 steps on

An iPhone mockup can be a great way to reach a target audience with your products. They make great advertisements that can broadcast your brand without needing a full-blown commercial or ad space online. You can upload your company logo or even your own image or family into thousands of mockup backgrounds. Plus, it’s easy to do! 

So, how do you make an iPhone mockup? You can do it in three easy steps:

  1. First, pick your mockup template.
  2. Then upload a photo and choose your background color.
  3. Finally, pay for the mockup or a subscription to access and download it. (We have a free way too!)

That’s it! If you sign up for the subscription, you can use thousands to keep your mockups fresh and enticing!

This article will go into detail on how to make an iPhone mockup while using’s website. We will discuss each step in detail as well as tips and tricks you can use to make the experience even easier than it already is. Read on to learn more about iPhone mockups and how great of an asset they can be to your personal or business ventures.

1. Pick Your Mockup Design

Go visit the website. Start your search here. has thousands of options to cover any need you may have when creating your mockup. Designs range from just the iPhone to incorporating other Apple technology, like iPad or multiple iPhones. Depending on your target audience, you can decide which matches your needs best.

You can use their filter system to find the exact type of mockup you want. They have a reliable search engine that narrows down your options if scrolling through them all becomes overwhelming. Then, their filter system allows you to narrow those results even further to find the exact mockup design you’re looking for.

Your mockup design doesn’t just have to be an image. also offers video mockups for variety as well as increased exposure for your business logo or image showcase. Not to mention offering variety to keep your audience interested and intrigued by your business logo and promote their interaction with your business. has thousands of options for you. You’ll never have to use the same mockup twice. This can help keep your logo current and prevent your audience from growing tired of seeing the same ad every time they come across your logo. Plus, it shows your target audience that you have the creativity and drive in making your logo or business known.

2. Upload An Image/Choose Background

Once you have your mockup chosen, then you can upload your image. This is where you can upload your business logo or personal image that you want on an iPhone. While this can be a great resource for businesses to use, the creative individual who wants beautiful images or videos with their designs can benefit just as much from using

You don’t have to use just one mockup image. If you sign up for the’s Subcritption, you can have access to thousands of mockup options. If you aren’t feeling your logo or image with the mockup design you chose, then you can choose another. also offers free mockups so you can play around with them and see how they work.

You can use a business logo, your personal images, or a channel icon. Mockups would be great for online users who want to promote their channels or businesses. They can put their channel icon or personal image into a mockup to share with subscribers or fans, as well as make their content exciting and cutting edge.

Once you have your image, you can choose your background color. This aesthetic will help your logo or image to pop on the screen based on the color you choose. This can make or break how others perceive your image, so it’s an important step! also offered it as a feature to further personalize your mockup to you. No two mockups will look the same!

3. Download It!  

Once you have your mockup created, you can download it, and it’s yours! All the hard work is done, and you’re left with the final product. If you chose a free mockup design, then you are finished. If you wanted one of the paid mockup designs, you can pay for that one design or the monthly subscription to use that one and thousands more.

You aren’t pushed into getting a subscription on the website. They wouldn’t offer free mockups if the website only wanted your money. The people who run the website know they have quality pieces to offer those who will end up using multiple mockups. The subscription will be a good fit if you can see yourself using more than one mockup a month. As an added bonus, All Free Mockups users now get 15% off Placeit!

You can always come back and make more mockups. You aren’t locked into the one mockup you used. Whether it was to experiment with how easy it is to make one or to see how your image would look, you can always make more. You aren’t limited to a certain number of downloads, whether you use multiple free or subscription mockups.

Share your mockup with the world! You are happy with your final product, so share it with everyone! Post it on Social Media or on your business or marketing page to drum up more business. As well as reach out to your target audience and keep your current audience happy and interested in your products.

More Information will keep your personal images safe. For those who want to make a creative graduation card or social media post can also use these mockups to promote their image on an iPhone. won’t sell or store your images where they may be sold or used without your permission. So, don’t worry about using them to make personal projects too!

If you aren’t happy with your mockup design, you can ask for help. has help via chat on their website to chat with someone who can help you fix or redesign your mockup. Plus, their FAQ page can answer a lot of questions as well as help you search for what mockup you really want, and not just the ones you found on your first search attempt.

You can make more than just iPhone mockups on Did you love your mockup design, but you wish you could share it through other mediums? You can! You can make your iPhone mockup into a tote bag, hat, shirt, or other technological mockups. While won’t print these designs, you can take them to a place that does to create apparel with your logo or business on it.

Getting a subscription is worth it for those who want new and exciting mockups. Whether those are marketing-driven or personally driven, getting a subscription makes sense if you will be purchasing more than one mockup a month. Your subscription will pay for itself after you buy the second mockup.


We’ve discussed how to create an iPhone mockup in three easy steps. You choose your mockup design, whether it’s free or paid doesn’t matter. Then you upload your image and choose a background color to make it pop. Lastly, you download the free mockup or pay for the mockup, and it’s done! You can come back to and make as many as you like.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and informative and gave you the inspiration to create your own mockup!