How To Make Pixel Art In Krita

Pixel art has recently gained popularity, with people experimenting with art more frequently. Do you feel like you are missing out? Do not worry. We have a guide on how to get started with making pixel art in Krita. 

To make pixel art in Krita, you must first set up your canvas. Set the dimensions to 32 by 32 pixels, set up a grid, and choose the brushes specific to making pixel art. After you are done, you can continue to use the tools as you normally would. 

For more detail on these, please continue reading. 

Setting The Canvas For Pixel Art In Krita

The default settings in Krita are such that they cater to the majority of the features that Krita supports. However, for pixel art, very specific settings need to be done. One example is the grid. Having a grid shows you all the pixels in the document. Making art and navigating gets easier. 

  1. Open Krita.
  2. Go to the top panel and click on Settings.
  3. Then select Configure Krita from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the window that opens, go to Display in the panel on the left. 
  5. Here, click on Grid Settings.
  6. Set the “Pixel Grid: Start Showing” at 400%. 
  7. In the Pixel Grid, choose a darker color. We recommend black.
  8. Click OK. 

Now that all of these settings are done, they might still need to show on the document you have opened. To see these settings practically, you should begin with a new document. 

This is also helpful because the default size in Krita is too large for pixel art. Opening a new document in a smaller size is ideal. To do so, follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Go to the top panel and click New. 
  2. In the window, go to Custom Document. 
  3. Set the width and height to 32 pixels. 
  4. Click OK. 
  5. The new document will have a grid. 

Choosing Brushes For Pixel Art In Krita

The default brushes in Krita are too big for the minute details that pixel art often requires. To set the adequate brushes: 

  1. Go to the right side of your screen. 
  2. Go to the brush presets and scroll to the bottom. 
  3. There will be three brushes specialized for pixel art. 
  4. Please choose the one that suits you the most, or you can incorporate them for advanced effects. 
  5. You can also search in the brush presets. Type “pixel art,” and the brushes will show. 

How To Draw Basic Pixel Art In Krita Using A Reference Picture

Using another picture for reference and tracing can greatly help if you are a beginner. This does not apply to people trying to create art, but to when you are still learning. 

  1. Download an image from the internet. 
  2. Paste it onto your canvas. 
  3. Now using the pixel art brushes, trace the image from the outlines. 
  4. Please select the image and remove it once you are done.
  5. Now you can add more details as you desire. 

Choose The Right Cursor For Pixel Art In Krita

The default cursor used in Krita is great and does its job. However, for ease, it is recommended that you use an arrow-shaped cursor. This provides precision and makes the canvas easier to navigate, especially when making pixel art. To achieve this, look at the instructions below. 

  1. Go to the top panel and select preferences. 
  2. Here, go to General.
  3. In the Cursor Shape option, choose Arrow. 
  4. Your cursor should be changed now. 

Make Your Color Palettes For Pixel Art In Krita

Colors are as important as the quality of art that you produce. Choosing a palette that speaks to you and sets the message you wish to convey through your art is very important. 

If you are an artist with a specific color palette that they prefer, it is suggested that you make a color palette to use in every art. To do so, follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to the top panel, and choose Settings.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click on Docker.
  3. In the menu that emerges further, choose Palette. Clicking on the palette will toggle it on.
  4. This will appear on the right side of the window. 
  5. You can either choose a preset or make your own. 
  6. To make your own, create a blank palette and add colors from the eyedropper tool; choose the colors you want. 

Watch this video for more information. 


Pixel art is an excellent mode of expression for artists who prefer this medium. Using Krita may be difficult at first, but stick with us until you get the hang of the software. Krita is free and offers tools that most other free digital art software do not; we highly recommend this to beginners or people who are brushing up their skills.