How To Make Your Twitch Emotes Bigger [Complete Guide]

If you stream content on Twitch, you want to make sure your profile attracts current and potential viewers. With enough viewers, you’re able to design and upload your own custom Twitch emotes to provide a more unique form of communication. In doing this, however, you may not get the results you want. A common problem Twitch streamers have is correctly sizing their emotes. So, how do you make your Twitch emotes bigger?

Continue reading for a complete guide detailing how to make your Twitch emotes bigger. To appeal to your viewers, you may want your Twitch emotes to stand out more than others. By reading below, you can learn how to draw more attention to your Twitch emotes and make them all the more enjoyable for those interacting with your profile.

Select An Image For Your Emote

Twitch emotes are a feature on Twitch that allow you and your viewers to respond in the Twitch chat with personalized images created by you, the streamer. If you already have an emote uploaded that you want to enlarge, you do not have to worry about this step. Keep in mind, however, that you may have to re-upload an image to resize it.

If you have recently created your Twitch streaming platform, one way you can customize your profile after gaining a following is by uploading one or more emotes as PNG files between 112 x 112px and 4,096 x 4,096px to make your profile more interactive for subscribers and viewers. You will need to select the image you want to convert into an emote. After doing this, you can simply upload the image onto your profile as an emote.

See How The Emote Fits

When you upload your Twitch emote, you will have the choice to set the dimensions at 28×28, 56×56, or 112×112. Unfortunately, Twitch no longer offers fully customizable dimensions, so you have to choose between the three. Depending on the clarity and type of image you use, your emote might look better in a certain dimension measurement than it does in another.

After you upload your Twitch emote and select the dimensions, check out the way it looks when used in your Twitch chat. If it appears too small, you might consider making it bigger. If this is the case, it is a simple fix. Make sure you still have the PNG file of the original image used for the emote.

Enlarge The Emote Dimensions

Go to your Twitch profile and locate the dashboard. Find and click Viewer Rewards. You should see an option labeled “Emotes.” Select it, and turn off Auto-Resize Mode. When this is on, it will prevent you from being able to make your Twitch emotes bigger. When you have turned Auto-Resize Mode off, you are ready to enlarge emotes.

You will have to reupload the image you are using for your emote. Locate the PNG file of the image and reupload it to your Twitch profile. If you have turned Auto-Resize Mode off, it should give you the option to choose the dimensions of the Twitch emote. If it was originally set to 28×28, select either 56×56 or 112×112 to test how it will look when used by yourself and viewers in the chat.

If your emote was set to 28×28 and only seemed just a bit too small, test it with the 56×56 dimension. By choosing the middle measurement for an emote that was just barely too small, it will likely look much better in the new setting. Enlarging it to 112×112 may make it look too big and potentially too distracting when displayed in your Twitch chat.

On the other hand, if you upload an image for your emote and you cannot even make out what it displays at the 28×28 setting, it is probably best to change the dimensions to 112×112. Chances are that if the original PNG file was too small, the 112×112 option is going to be the only dimension that suits the emote.

Check The Emote Again

Perhaps it goes without saying, but if your Twitch emote appears too big in your Twitch chat, reducing the size of the emote involves the same process. Instead of choosing a larger dimension setting, however, you will choose the 28×28 or 56×56.

In any case, once you have set the new dimension for your Twitch emote, publish it to see how it looks. Publishing it does not mean you cannot make additional changes. At the most, you will have to reupload the PNG file once again and simply change the dimension setting. Before finalizing the emote size, however, publish it only to test how it looks.

As you will see shortly, you will likely have to wait a bit for Twitch to monitor the publication and approve the emote. After it has been approved, go to your Twitch chat and choose the emote to see how it looks when displayed in the chat. If you are satisfied with the size, you should be good to go. If it still seems too small after having set the dimensions to 56×56, you will need to repeat the upload process and select the 112×112 setting.

Finalize Your Newly Enlarged Emote

Once you have uploaded and customized your Twitch emote with the dimension setting that works best in your chat, you will publish it for the last time. When you publish an emote, it may take time for Twitch to review and approve the emote to ensure that it does not contain profanity or any other explicit content. 

When Twitch approves your emote, it will be good to go. You and your viewers can now interact and respond to each other with your emote, whether it be an image or words of something funny, witty, or is in any other way related to your profile and the type of Twitch streamer you are.

Use Placeit For Twitch Customization

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Making your Twitch emotes fit nicely in your Twitch chat is important for keeping your subscribers and viewers satisfied. Nicely designed emotes are great for interactions between streamers and viewers. If you need to make your Twitch emotes bigger, the process is extremely simple.