How To Merge Layers In Paint Tool SAI

One of the ways to save time and disk space when using editing tools like Paint Tool SAI is to merge your layers. This is especially helpful when you want to apply effects to the entire layer without repeating the workload. But how exactly can you accomplish this?

The process of merging layers in Paint Tool SAI is pretty easy. All you need to do is use the layer panel to merge all of the visible layers. However, there are ways you can get specific merging results when using Paint Tool SAI.

If you are intrigued and want to make the process of merging quick and efficient, you are reading the right article! In this tutorial, we will show you how you can merge layers when using Paint Tool SAI, and how that can make your work much smoother.

How To Merge Layers WIth Paint Tool SAI

Being able to merge layers with Paint Tool SAI is an easy yet effective method, especially when you want to create specific effects. No matter what you are looking for, we recommend organizing your layers before you start. This will make the process much easier. 

If you are looking for tips on how to do this, you can take a look at this tutorial, which covers both the organization and merging of layers in Paint Tool SAI:

Now that you are ready to start, here are the three ways you can accomplish this task:

Merging Layers One At A Time

Sometimes, you will want to merge layers individually on Paint Tool SAI. This can be accomplished by using the menu available in the Layer panel. It may take more time, but it might be necessary for some circumstances. Here is how this process works. 

  1. Launch Paint Tool SAI and open up the document in question.
  2. Find the layers you want to merge within the Layers panel. 
  3. Click on the layer that you would like to merge.
  4. Select the Merge Down layer in the menu of the Layers panel.
  5. The layer will be merged with the layer underneath it. 

You can repeat this process as much as you want so you can have the perfect effect you are looking for. While this can be time-consuming, it may be necessary for your project.

Merging Multiple Layers Into One

Another way to merge is to select various layers and merge them into one layer. This will be a great way you can save up on space and time in a document that has a lot of layers. In this case, the steps will be slightly different than before. 

  1. Launch the software and open up your document.
  2. Now, look for the layers you want to merge in the Layers panel.
  3. You can select one layer and then hold down shift to select multiple layers at once.
  4. When you have all the layers selected, now it is time to merge them all.
  5. In the Layers panel, choose ‘Merge Selected Layers’ from the menu.
  6. All of the layers will be merged into one layer.

Now, all of the layers that you selected will be merged into just one layer. This is sometimes a great way to make more complicated documents simpler. 

Merging All The Visible Layers

Finally, the last method, and perhaps one of the most commonly used merging processes, is to merge all the visible layers. This way, you don’t have to worry about hidden layers showing up in the final later. This easy process can be completed with these steps:

  1. Open up the file in Paint Tool SAI.
  2. Hold down the Eye icon in the layers panel to hide layers you don’t want.
  3. Now, click ‘Layer’ from the top menu.
  4. From the next menu, choose the option ‘Merge Visible Layers.’

Now, all of the visible layers will be merged together, and all hidden layers will be excluded. Alternatively, if you don’t want to hide any layers, you can choose Flatten Image to merge all layers of the document into one big layer. The approach you take depends on what kind of layers you have in your existing document. 

Final Thoughts

With just a few simple steps, you can easily merge layers in Paint Tool SAI and end up with a more organized document. Good luck!