How to Move a Canva File to Google Slides

Canva makes beautiful designs that are appealing to any eye. Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to present slides like Google Slides. If you have gorgeous Canva designs and need to make a presentation, you may want to move a Canva file to Google Slides. Is it even possible to complete this process?

If you want to move a Canva file to Google Slides, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the process of shifting your unique design to Google Slides. Once you understand how to make the transfer, you can have a gorgeous presentation in no time. Let’s get started.

Design Your Slides

First, design your slides. There are tons of gorgeous options on Canva, which is why so many people take advantage of it for their presentations. They have sets and layouts made to match what you need them for – science lessons, business presentations, and more. Pick your favorite one.

Look for the following in a template:

  • A theme that matches your company or location
  • Few distractions for critical topics
  • An aesthetic that complements your topic

These will help your work stand out.

Once you find a set of slides you enjoy, select them. You need to design various items – fonts, images, and even the type of slide you want to use at that moment. Canva, particularly Canva Pro, allows lots of freedom for creativity within an already gorgeous boundary designed on the site.

Ensure you don’t move on to the next step until you are happy with the work. Once you are, it’s time to begin the moving process for your creation.

Download The Slides

Once you design your slides, it’s time to download them. Ensure you have everything in order before completing this process to make the transfer as simple as possible. Double-check that your slides are completed. You will still be able to edit them in Google Slides, but Canva has more features for aesthetic purposes.

Once you are ready:

  1. Hit the “share” button
  2. Scroll to and click on “more”
  3. Click “save”, “Microsoft PowerPoint”, then “Download”

It’s ready to move to the next system at this point.

Double-check to ensure the downloaded slides are in your system before moving forward. You should also save your Canva presentation to provide a backup option in case things go wrong with the moving process. Once you feel secure, close Canva and open up Google Slides.

Drag And Drop

Now, it’s time to take the downloaded Canva presentation and move it to Google Slides. It will only take a few steps to complete this process, and then you will have your gorgeous presentation in a new format.

Here are the steps for moving the downloaded format to Google Slides:

  1. Open up a new Google Slides presentation
  2. Click “file” then “import slides”
  3. Drag and drop your downloaded presentation
  4. Pick which slides you want to import
  5. Click “done”

The slides will be in Google Slides at this point.

It doesn’t take much effort to move a gorgeous Canva presentation from its initial platform to Google Slides. Once you have everything in place, you can double-check to see if there are any spots where editing would be necessary.

Edit As Needed

Everything should be in place for further editing if the slides need additional assistance before they go in front of viewers. The website will import the slides after your first blank slide, so it’s critical to delete that slide right away. Once you do, you can make changes to other slide portions without much trouble.

You can make changes to the presentation:

  • Colors
  • Text
  • Layout

These can change the feelings associated with your platform.

It’s best to edit before you transfer the presentation to Google Slides, but it’s possible afterward, too. Canva is a versatile platform that works to make your experience as smooth as it can be.

Ensure you Save

Check and ensure your presentation is in the ideal form before you complete this step. Save your progress and wait until the system confirms your presentation is saved. From this point, you can download the presentation. Drag and drop the final product to the appropriate location for easy access on the day of your speaking role.

If you don’t save, you may need to repeat the process. Most platforms boast an autosave feature, but you can never be too careful. It’s more ideal to save a million times than starting over from the beginning.

You can open your presentation with a simple click. All your data will be there, laid out in beautiful Canva format.

Repeat As Needed

Once you have the hang of this process, you can repeat it as many times as you need for success with your Canva presentation. Google Slides might be more practical for showing in a meeting, but you can’t beat the gorgeous details that come with Canva presentations.

It may take a couple of times to master the process, but there isn’t much to it. You can enjoy the simplicity of transferring your hard work with only a few clicks. Canva and Google Slides are platforms made to help people succeed.

Consider Other Presentation Platforms For Canva

If you want to build another presentation, it can be beneficial to consider the other presentation platforms compatible with Canva. You can make your presentation on the site and transfer it to any of these platforms. From there, you can provide an award-worthy talk.

Here are additional platforms that support Canva:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp
  • Email
  • Embedded code

One of these may work better for your life.

Not only is Canva a platform with many options, but it also offers excellent versatility between platforms. If you want a presentation to look good, create it on Canva and transfer it anywhere.