How To Outline Text In Canva

Have you scoured Canva for a tool to outline your text and found nothing? We offer our condolences. This may be because Canva offers a challenging way to outline your text. There are several ways of hacking this and making your outline. We shall discuss the easiest and most effective one. 

To outline text in Canva, copy your text, change its color to a lighter color, and align it exactly on top of the original text. Now using your keyboard, move your text left by hitting the left key four times, then hit the up key four times to move the text upwards. Once done, send it to the back. 

Copy your text again, change the color, align it, and move it four keys to the right and four keys downwards. Repeat as many times as you want or as thick as you wish the outline to be. 

For more details and a guide, continue reading. 

Why Is Text Outlined In Designs?

Text outlining in graphic design is used to make text stand out from the background or other design elements. This technique is often used to create a sense of depth and to draw the viewer’s attention to the text. 

Outlined text can also create a unique visual effect and add a creative touch to a design.

Copy And Align The Text

The first step is to copy the text and align it directly on top of the original text. To do so:

  1. Write down the word that you wish to outline.
  2. Select the text.
  3. On the top right, go to Position and choose the middle, center, right, or left. This depends on where you want your text to be. 
  4. Now with the text selected, hit Control + C or Command + C to copy the text.
  5. Now hit Control + V or Command + V to paste the text. 
  6. Another version of the text will appear. 
  7. With the new text still selected, change its color to the color with which you wish to outline the text. We recommend a lighter color than the original text color. 
  8. Now go to the Position option and position the text in the direction in which the first text was positioned in Step 3. 

Set The Text For An Outline Effect

The copy of the original text needs to be maneuvered to give it the outline effect. To do so:

  1. With the copy of the word still selected, move your text to the left by hitting the left key or right by hitting the right key. For good measure, hit the keys four times for the effect to show. 
  2. Next, with the copy of the word still selected, hit the up key four times or the down key four times. Depending on your preference, you can do this to move the text up or down. 

Repeating The Steps For An Outline To Show

We need more than the step we performed just now to bring an outline. This merely gives the text a stroke and adds some definition to it. For an outline, you should repeat the steps a few times. Here are some suggestions that we have to make this easier for you:

  1. Repeat the steps an even number of times. For example, do it 4 or 6 times or ten times. The more the repetition increases, the thicker the outline gets. 
  2. Moreover, doing this an even number of times is important to perfectly divide the different directions in which the steps will be repeated. 
  3. If you repeat the steps four times, you will copy and move the text upwards and left two times. You will copy and move the text downwards and right twice. Ensure that there is equal distribution. 
  4. With every new copy, you must move it backward or back. We recommend moving it back. You can do so by going to Position and choosing “Move in the back.” This is done to ensure that the outline is built in the back while the original text with the original color stays in the front. 
  5. Have patience, and do not rush through this! 

For further help, watch this video: 


We will agree with you if this is a challenging feat. Unfortunately, Canva does not allow for an easy tool to outline the text, but we have provided you with the best, most effective, and easiest way to accomplish this. The first few times will feel like a challenge, and you may text your patience due to the redundancy of the process, but keep going. You will get through it!