How To Package Illustrator Files

Packaging is a great way to share files you create on Adobe Illustrator. Using this method, you can share the file, fonts, and even all of the graphics used inside. This makes it much easier to share or sell your work. But how exactly does this work?

To package files on Adobe Illustrator, you can use a special saving method. This makes it much easier to save all of the information you used. The complete file can include the file, linked fonts, graphics, and a report of all of the contents.

Do you want to get started on packaging files from Adobe Illustrator? If that is the case, you can get started using this tutorial. With just a few steps, you can also create packaged files that have all linked information! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Packaging Files Using Adobe Illustrator

The use of packaging helps you create ready-to-use files that you can share with other people. This can be done using built in tools with Adobe Illustrator. The ability to do this is available on Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Illustrator CC, and newer versions! So, if you are ready to learn how to do this, here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Run Adobe Illustrator, and then open up the file you want to package.
  2. Now, click on the File tab on the top menu bar on Illustrator. 
  3. Choose the Package option, which will prompt a dialog box to open.
  4. Specify settings for your package on Illustrator.
  5. When you are happy with the settings chosen, click Package.

A new package will be created, which you can now share with anyone you would like! If you would like to see a tutorial of this process, check out this video:

Packaging Options On Adobe Illustrator

When you are about to save a file as a package on Adobe Illustrator, you will see a number of settings in the dialog box. If you want to learn more about what you should add in, here is an explanation of what each setting will do. 

First and foremost, the Location will help determine the part of the computer where the packaged folder will be saved. Next, the Folder name is how you can decide on the package folder’s name. If you don’t edit this, it will be taken from the name of the Illustrator document you are originating it from. 

Now, you can change other options in the package. The Copy Links option will help you decide if you want to add all the files and graphics you used in the document. There is also another option ‘Collect Links in a Separate Folder.’ This helps you create a new folder where all of the linked items will be placed, as opposed to the same file. 

The ‘Relink Linked Files to the Document’ option allows you to change the links to the package folder, concerning its location. There is also a ‘Copy Fonts’ option which allows you to create copies of the used files in the folder. 

Keep in mind that the entire font family will not be copied, just the files necessary for the document. Another thing to consider is that you will be prompted to make sure that you have the correct license to use fonts. So always make sure that you are using fonts with a license that allows you to share them for different purposes. 

Finally, the last option to consider is the report. The Create Report option is a great way to summarize all the information in your packaged folder. This is a report of the objects included, the used fonts, and all of the linked images and assets. The report can be a great guide on what is included and how to use it properly. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, being able to create a packaged file with all linked objects, images, and fonts you use can be a huge asset in Adobe Illustrator. This way, you can easily share files and make changes as a team to work that you have created. 

Some people may even use this as a way to sell their original works, so always make sure you have the appropriate licenses to be able to do this!