How To Print A Large Image On Multiple Pages Photoshop

Printing a picture on a single page might not be adequate for making a large-scale poster or banner. You need a technique to split the image and print it across numerous pages. The easiest technique to maintain picture quality with a huge size is to know how to print a large image on numerous pages in Photoshop.

Making a large picture into a Photoshop PDF file, opening the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and printing the large image as a banner are the quickest ways to print a large image in Photoshop on numerous pages. You may manually copy and paste selections into several smaller pictures to print or use the Slice Tool to break your image into many portions. 

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How To Print A Large Image On Multiple Pages Photoshop

You can print a large image on multiple pages in Photoshop through 2 methods. In this section, we will cover them both.

For more information on how to print a large image on multiple pages in Photoshop, watch this video below:

Method 1: Using the Slice Tool

In the first approach, we will break our image into several portions using the slice tool prior to printing it.

  1. Specify the image’s size based on the largest printable size.
  2. Decide on the picture size that has to be printed first. You must choose how many parts to divide your image into based on the size of the page.
  3. Divide the picture size by the largest print size that your printer will allow as an easy way to accomplish this. You will then know how many pieces you need. For optimum results, use a wide format printer.

Open Picture

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop CC and choose your image file.

Make Use of the Divide Slice Tool

  1. Right-click the Crop tool in the toolbar and choose Slice from the menu that appears.
  2. The Slice tool would be displayed in the toolbar in place of the Crop tool if you had previously chosen that option for a picture.
  3. Divide Slice may be selected with a right-click on the picture.

Specify the Configurations in the Divide Slice Tool Dialog Box

  1. Tick the boxes next to “Divide Horizontally Into” and “Divide Vertically Into” in the Divide Slice dialogue box.
  2. Enter the required number of parts both horizontally and vertically.
  3. Set the resolution for both the vertical and horizontal parts.
  4. Select OK.

Save the Picture

  1. The Export option may be expanded by selecting the File menu.
  2. Choose “Save for Web” (Legacy).
  3. Alternatively, you may save for the web by pressing ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + S on a Windows computer or OPT + SHIFT + CMD + S on a Mac.
  4. Select JPEG and Maximum from the drop-down menu under Preset.
  5. Select Save.

Print the Images

  1. Your sliced images will be put in a folder that Photoshop generates. Then print them as normal after opening them.
  2. When the photos are printed, you may put them together like a jigsaw puzzle and mount them to make a big banner or poster.

Method 2: Manually Copying Selections

You can also print a large image on multiple pages by manually copying sections. Follow the steps below to find out how.

Open the Photo

  1. Launch Adobe Photoshop and open the picture.
  2. Establish the largest printable size as well as the printed image’s size.
  3. Check your printer’s maximum print dimensions. Knowing the maximum size your printer can print is necessary if you want to print a large image. You will then better understand how many pages you will need to print this particular image.

Divide Image into Sections Using Marquee Tool

  1. Divide the image into the necessary number of pieces after you know the exact sizes for each segment and the overall number of sections.
  2. The Rectangular Marquee tool may be used to make the selections. Pick the appropriate tool from the toolbar, then decide based on the size of each section.

Copy Sections to Separate Images in New Files

  1. The selection you made has to be copied at this point. Click on Copy from the Edit menu up top. Afterward, select New from the File menu.
  2. Copy and paste your selection into the new file. Photoshop automatically crops the image to suit the copied section. Select “Ok.”
  3. Paste the sections you’ve made into new files and repeat the process for each one.
  4. Figure out the print resolution and orientation.
  5. Select Print from the File menu.
  6. Pick the print quality and paper type in the dialogue box that appears. If you are printing for desktop use, ensure the print resolution is configured to a minimum of 150 DPI, or 300 DPI when you’re printing for business-related purposes.
  7. From the print options, adjust the orientation. Select between portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) depending on your needs.
  8. Select Print.

Print the Files Separately

  • Print each section (which are now distinct photos) one at a time. Glossy paper is strongly advised if you want prints that are as good as those from a professional printer. 

Put together All the Pages to Form the Image

  • To get the entire large image, combine the separate printed pages. When assembling them, you may either chop off the white borders or utilize them to overlap the subsequent portion.


When printing a huge image using Photoshop, there are simple steps to follow that guarantee superior quality and accurate portions that you may combine. The method relies on your printer and the Photoshop version you’re using. 

For your ease, we have listed how to print a large image in the current and previous versions of Adobe Photoshop.