How To Print Booklet In Indesign

In a saddle-stitched brochure, which is folded and stitched on the folding, there are normally two pages on every page of the paper, indicating that the booklet has printing on both sides of every page. It is necessary to paginate an InDesign document such that the front cover and rear cover are joined, as well as the inside front cover and inside back cover.

To print a booklet in InDesign, open the document and go to File > Booklet. When the Print Preset window appears, choose “Default.” Choose your booklet type. Select Printer Settings at the bottom of the window, and enter the parameters. Click OK once the adjustments have been made.

Keep reading below as we detail these steps in the next sections.

InDesign Printer Spread for Printing a Booklet

You need to be able to create a printer spread in InDesign to put together a booklet that can be printed at a high standard. For instance, the pages of an eight-page booklet would display in the InDesign layout window sequentially. 

Page 1 is placed next to page 8 if printed as a printer spread; page 2 is placed next to page 7, and so on. By doing this, the pages will be printed on a single sheet, folded, and combined so that they are all in the right order to read.

 InDesign’s standard Layout Spread, where the pages are arranged consecutively, makes it simple to work this way right before you can use the Printer Spread.

How To Create A New Booklet

You may use the straightforward steps in this section to create a new booklet.

1. Select File once InDesign has opened. Then, choose New, open a Document, enter the number of pages, and finally click Finish.

2. Next, choose Facing Pages to display left- and right-hand pages in your InDesign file.

3. Select the page size. We are utilizing Letter – Half for this project (5.5″ x 8.5″ for Page Size) for the purpose of this project. Change orientation to Portrait to properly configure the page orientation.

4. You need to determine your margins. Select .5″ everywhere throughout under “Setting the Margins.”

5. Choose Type 1 under “Number of Columns.”

You’re now ready to begin constructing your Indesign booklet at this point. To finish setting up the InDesign booklet and start working on your document, click Create.

Your InDesign booklet is finished, and you may print it now. Once you’ve set up and worked on your Layout Spread, the steps below show how to print it as a booklet.

How to Print a Booklet

To print a booklet from InDesign, follow the instructions listed in this section.

For more information on how to print a booklet in InDesign, watch this video below:

1. Open your project in InDesign and select Print Booklet from the File menu.

2. Choose Default from the Print Preset drop-down menu. Decide on a type of booklet. The 2-up Saddle Stitch is advised for this tutorial.

3. Choose Print Settings from the window’s bottom menu. From the left hand column, select Setup. Confirm the page alignment and paper size. In order for this to be in the US Letter landscape, two half letters must be placed side by side.

4. If you don’t want to cut your printed booklet, uncheck the boxes next to Marks and Bleed in the menu.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the window and select Printer. Go to Show Details > “Two Sided.” Then, select Layout and pick Short Edge Binding. Then choose Print to put those changes into effect (the print function has yet to be activated!).

6. In the second Print box, click OK to complete the settings (still won’t submit to print!).

7. To confirm the formatting, choose “Preview” in the left column of the “Print Booklet” box.

8. Confirm again that your preview seems to reflect exactly how you intend your booklet to print. After you’re happy, click “Print.” 

How to Export Booklet to PDF

Although this is a straightforward procedure, InDesign does not provide the option to convert the booklet to PDF. Hence, it is something that needs to be carried out when utilizing a PDF application like PDFelement. 

The booklet may be printed using a postscript file. The file may then be converted to a PDF using Adobe or PDFelement.

  • Select “File” > “Print Booklet,” then configure the options as necessary. The options for the preview and summary are also included.
  • Select Print Settings from the list of options at the bottom of the dialogue window. Choose the postscript file format. 

It is advisable not to alter the other parameters because the printer has already specified them. If the printer has been replaced, only the settings for the new device should be altered.

  • Click OK after making the necessary print settings.
  • Your computer will now store the postscript version of the PDF. Use the “File” > “Create” > “PDF from file” menu option in Adobe Distiller.

After that, the Illustrator file will be transformed into a PDF file.


This article discussed how you could easily print a booklet from InDesign with just a few simple steps. Now that you have learned how to do so, you can employ this technique in future projects. Happy editing!